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Revolution and Power: Hamlet and Animal Farm Paper

Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. A change in government is commonly developed through challenges a community faces resulting in a conflict between classes. These conflicts are made through an unbalance of power. This shift of control will make it difficult for a community to achieve equilibrium. In simpler terms, both George Orwell and Shakespeare have created characters to symbolize the change of government after someone regains power.In Hamlet and Animal Farm, a strong desire for wealth and control is common, resulting to a corruption of power in government.

In Hamlet, the theme of corruption is shown by a chain of events starting with greed. It continues to spread by the use of manipulation through unquestioning loyalty and concludes with a mad act of revenge. For example, Claudius’s thirst for power causes him to murder his brother and take the throne. The ghost says, “The fat weed that roots itself in ease on Lethe Wharf” (Shakespeare 33-34). It is clear that the ghost compares Claudius to a weed that will destroy the “garden” of Denmark. This is an example of the corruption of Claudius through his actions. Furthermore, Claudius’s aspirations has caused the ghost to become corrupt from revenge and asks Hamlet to avenge him. For example, the ghost says, “If thou didst ever thy dear father love…Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Shakespeare 23). This proves that corruption took hold of Hamlet’s life forcing him to abandon his previous ambitions and take on the task of avenging his father’s death. His mind becomes full of madness resulting in the further spread of corruption. Surely, Greed becomes the beginning of corruption and creates a domino effect to the plot.

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Similarly, in Animal Farm, corruption of power occurs due to many controversial reasons such as the access to wealth and control. As an example, the pigs wanted to be …

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