Review of the health benefits of Syzygium Cumini


Syzygium cumini which is normally known as Jamun or Jambul is rather celebrated as the Indian summer fruit and is in usage really much. This works has countless usage in the field of wellness and medical specialty. Get downing from earlier the use of jamun is in usage and is been used in the ayurvedic and unani medical specialty from traditional times. Syzygium cumini ( L ) . SKEEL is blooming works which belong to the householdMyrtaceae. The major map of Syzygium cumini is that it helps in the intervention of DIABETES.

In many developing states where medical specialty are non to the full developed, the fruits of Syzygium cumini are been in usage so as to bring around many diseases. During many research it was been found that this works is rich in many chemical composing which helps in bring arounding many diseases. Particularly the works contain a high sum of anthocyanin, glucoside etc. which contain medicative belongingss. Not merely the individual portion of the works but each and every portion of the works contains medicative belongingss get downing from foliages till its bark and root all are of every bit importance.

The seeds particularly play major function in the intervention of blood sugar as they help in cut downing the blood sugar degree in organic structure and besides constitute many antioxidants. The research workers have developed many medical specialty from the infusion of jamun which can be good in handling many diseases. The species of Syzygium cumini is native to the states like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan etc.

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Scientist have found that the Syzygium cumini consist of a broad assortments of phytochemicals and foods. In other states it is besides known as black plum, Java plum etc.Apart from all these states Syzygium is besides been grown in assorted other states and is been used in handling many upsets specially Diabetes. It is normally treated as a medicative beginning from traditional clip being. In this term paper the major of import points which are been focused arewhat are all the of import characteristic characteristics of the works Syzygium cumini and how this works and its portion are been used up in the wellness field.

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If it has to be started from the really get downing the start would be from the beginning of use of the works Syzygium cuimni as a medicative component. From early clip when medical specialty were non known much to people the usage of herbs and natural drugs were in really common province. Since so the usage of works is really common and from so onward the range of Syzygium became widely celebrated.

SYZYGIUM CUMINI is a works which is of great usage. It has many characteristic compounds which possess disease curing characteristic. Syzygium is a species of Myrtaceae, which is native to the many states such as Pakistan, India, Bhutan, etc. Since the research traveling on from the last few old ages it was found that this works and all the portion of it possess particularly the seeds and bark possess anti-diabetic hardening characteristic. During the surveies in last decennaries the anti-diabetic characteristic of this works is been cited in many research paper and reappraisal article. It is said to be that these workss are found to be rich in compounds such as anthocyanin, anti-oxidant belongingss and much more which aid in bring arounding this disease. It was noticed that the seeds contain many chemical composing which aid in cut downing the blood sugar degree. Apart from the major function in bring arounding diabetes Syzygium cumini besides has many other belongingss and of import function in wellness. It can be said that it is core of many maps which are been really utile for human existences. The treatment of each and every portion of jamun and their major map is done. The other points which are been discussed would be up till now what all research is been done in the development ofmedical specialtiesfrom the works infusion. Hence these all point would be discussed in the undermentioned reappraisal article apart from this the major research turning up in the development of medical specialties from jamun is besides been discussed futher.


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During the research which was done it was found that non merely the fruits but each and every portion of the works is found to be every bit of import and consisting of some of the medicative value. [ 3 ] It was found that it was a really good beginning of cartenoids and many other vitamins which are been proved to be really good for human existences.

Get downing from the foliages to the bark and seed each of the works infusion is of every bit importance in medical field. On by one each of them are discussed as follows:

  1. Leaf:It was earlier discussed that every portion of Syzygium cumini is comprised of a batch of medicative value. One of the of import portion of this works is its foliages. After making several experiment is was found that the foliages of jamun consisted of anti-microbial characteristic. It was found that the infusion of the foliages of this works is been used in order to bring around many tegument diseases particularly skin lesion as they contain some of the of import chemical composing such as: anthocyanin etc which consist of anti-microbial factor in it. [ 4 ] Due to these anti-microbial content the developing research institute are working so as to do many day-to-day utilizations merchandise such as soap and pick from jamun infusion.


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Apart from the antimicrobic featurethe foliages of Syzygium cumini besides consisted of other of import characteristic such as the foliages besides helps in bring arounding gum jobs and teeth jobs. Some recent research has shown that the infusion of foliages if is used besides helps in alleviating from gastropathy, leucorrhoea, stoamchalgia etc. these are some of the major jobs related to the tummy. The foliages extract besides helps in bring arounding tummy irregularity. Thus the foliages of this works, Syzygium cumini is of every bit of import as it helps in bring arounding many GI jobs.

  1. Seed

Seeds of Syzygium cumini works is of atmost importance. It was noticed that the foliages besides possess many other characteristic characteristic out of which the remedy of diabetes is n of the of import characteristic. During the last 125 twelvemonth research which was much before the find of insulin many grounds were seen which defined that seeds of these workss help in bring arounding the blood sugar degree. In the research it was found that the seeds of jamun contain many elements such as gulcoside jambolin which help normally assist in cut downing blood sugar degree by cut downing the transition of amylum to saccharify by altering the assorted chemical procedures in it. Apart from this one characteristic the foliages besides contain other falvonoids, phenol and rich in protein and Ca. [ 4 ] . After executing several experiment on mice and rats it was found that seed of Syzygium cumini were capable of bring arounding chief 2 type of diabetes

Hence it was by experimentation proved that the seeds of Syzygium were proved to be effectual against commanding blood sugar degree. Other surveies have besides revealed that the seeds besides contain many alknoids, these alknoids have an ability toward the hyperglycemic consequence. Hence it can be good in many ways.

  1. BarkBark which is another portion of the works jamun is besides effectual in many manners. The bark of Syzygium cumini contain ANTI-OXIDANT feature. It besides comprises of many other characteristic one of which is diabetes control excessively. It can be said that overall each and every portion of jamun is of every bit significance. Get downing from the foliages to the bark and fruit each hold medicative characteristic. In this the bark of the workss are found to be holding belongingss like antimicrobic which is besides one of the of import feature.
  1. Fruits OF JAMUN

The fruits of jamun are besides really important. After making several research, scientist have found that the fruit of jamun is chiefly treated in symptoms like gastric, diuretic, etc. Many a times the juice of this fruits is been consumed in order to acquire alleviate from jobs like irregularity and many other GI jobs. A really common job related to gum is known as GINGIVITIS which can besides be cured by utilizing the infusion of fruits of this works { 7 } Due to these several of import characteristic these are commercially used and many medical specialties are besides been derived from them.


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As the wellness benefits of Syzygium were good known before hence many nutrient industries started to doing merchandises from jamun or Syzygium parts In this the chief of import merchandises which were involved were the juices. Juices which were derived from jamun infusion chiefly from their fruits were commercially available in markets. These juice as shown in the above figure were thought to be a replacing of sugar, as it helped in commanding blood sugar degree. In the field of ayurvedic medicine the use of jamun juices in topographic point of sugar for diabetes patients is still in usage. Now a yearss the chief merchandise extracted from Syzygium is beenjamun mush, jamun acetum jaumun pulverization etc are used for many other intents apart from cut downing blood ugar degree.The acetum derived from jamun is besides a remedy for many jobs. The extracted acetum can be used up in instances like swelling of liver and spleen. [ 6 ] . It is found that this acetum is besides helpful in diminishing the migrane pain up to some extent. The other of import merchandise derived from jamun is the seed pulverization.


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The pulverization which is been extracted from the seed are particularly designed for diabetes remedy which is frequently prescribed to diabetes patient. Very frequently people suffer from urine jobs or kidney infection, these jamun extract in the signifier of pulverization or the mush is prove to be effectual in much instances. As it was earlier discussed that jamun comprises of styptic belongings which aid in transition of urine easy. Hence it was seen that it assist in work outing the job related to utrine infection. Sometime this pulverization is extracted from the other parts of the works and hence consists of the belongingss like anti-oxidant majorly. In other words each and every portion of jamun is enriched with medicative value and holds up a really bright hereafter chance.


Diabetess is one of the common and celebrated disease which arises due to many factors. It can be said that diabetes is a status in which there is a rise in blood sugar degree and the individual starts to endure from assorted symptoms such as addition in thirst, more urination etc. long term untreated diabetes may do terrible harm and jobs to the organic structure which may include the harm to the bosom, kidney and eyes. Since early clip when non much was known in the field of advanced medical specialty from that onward clip diabetes has started distributing its arm around the universe and no Oklahoman it became celebrated worldwide. Diabetes is characterized in two types a ) TYPE 1 which is stated as Diabetes mellitus and TYPE 2 which is diabetes insipidus. In an appraisal given, it was found that boulder clay 2013, 382 million people were reported to be enduring from diabetes out of which 90 % were reported to holding Type 1 diabetes. Hence the instances of diabetes are increasing at an dismaying rate in worldwide. Now in recent clip when new finds are been originating in every field including DRUGS AND MEDICINE so there is the development of new sort of medical specialty which are been used as medical specialty for diabetes. But this is approximately today what about two or three decennary ago when no accurate and exact remedy of diabetes was been found. In early clip Ayruvedic medical specialty were the lone intervention which was been used up in bring arounding any certain sort of disease. The people of that clip besides believed that the infusion derived from the herbs and bush can be helpful in bring arounding diseases. As no perfect remedy was known at that clip hence the use of the merchandise derived from Syzygium cumini were used for the intervention of blood sugar blood degree. After making many research, it was found that Syzygium cumini or Jamun was proved as anaccessory therapy in instance of intervention of Diabetes Type 2.Apart from its seed which is a great beginning of anthocyanin and aid in commanding the diabetes likewise the fruity violet mush of this works is besides of great importance as it besides anthocyanin rich. The assorted drug and medicative research organisation are been making many research in order to find the rate at which the seeds and mush are helpful in commanding blood sugar. Surveies have shown that the seeds of Syzygium cumini are rich inellagitannins,a compound whose composing is of hexa hydroxyl diphenoyl glucose which aid in cut downing the content of sugar degree hence aid in diminishing the blood sugar degree.

Another of import portion of the Syzygium cumini works is its fruits which besides shows the anti-diabetic belongings. The fruits are a good beginning of chemical like glucosides, jambolin and ellagic acid which aid in cut downing the transition of amylum into glucose therefore aid in commanding the blood sugar degree.

Hence Syzygium cumini comprises of many indispensable compounds which help in bring arounding diabetes. Not merely in commanding blood sugar degree Syzygium cumini or jamun besides possess many other medicative values.


Up till now Syzygium cumini studied for its anti- diabetic belongings. But many research paper besides province that apart from its anti-diabetic belongings, Syzygium cumini is a ocean of many other characteristics or features in the field of medical specialty. In India, Syzygium cumini normally known as Jambolan is good recognized as a common people medical specialty every bit good as in pharmaceutical trade. If it is been said in medicative value so the fruits and bark of this works are said to be holdingdiuretic, acerb and gastric belongingss. Along with this in comparing to any other seasonal fruit Syzygium cumini comprises of a high degree of anti-oxidant belongings.This anti –oxidant characteristic consist of components such as anthocyanin, falvonoids, tannic acid etc. These component are responsible for doing the anti-oxidant belongingss. In the market merchandise such as in toothpaste etc which are used in family sometime contain jamun infusion as it is rich in anti-oxidant belongings.

Syzygium cumini works is comprises of other wellness benefits excessively, out of which 1 is that it assist in cut downing thehazard of degenerative diseases. [ 6 ] The degenerative diseases is diseases in which construction or map of the tissue or organ which is been affected deteriorate progressively examples can beAlzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. can besides be cured up by utilizing Syzygium works. The fruit mush of this works which contains chief four anti-oxidant components which include falvonoids, phenoplast, vitamins and cartenoids. These all anti-oxidant aid in cut downing the oxidative emphasis and besides aid in suppression of macromolecular oxidization which helps in cut downing the hazard of degenerative diseases.

Apart from the bring arounding these diseases, there are many other diseases and jobs which can be cured by utilizing the infusion of Syzygium cumini. Some of the of import and characterized characteristic of intervention of diseases with Syzygium cumini are:

  1. Syzygium cumini possessanticancer.Antineoplastic is belongings of moving to forestall, inhibit or halt the development of a tumor which is besides known as a tumour. Infusion from Syzygium cumini act as an anticancer agent, which can be helpful in intervention of disease such as colon malignant neoplastic disease [ 7 ] .
  2. The fruits and bark infusion of Syzygium cumini or Jamun have theRadioprotective and chemoprotective consequencewhich aid in intervention of malignant neoplastic disease.
  3. The works besides contains flavonoids and Gallic acid which aid in the decrease of formation of tumour or cut downing the carcinogenic consequence.

Hence apart from the intervention of diabetes, Syzygium cumini is a nucleus of many wellness benefits. Thus it was found by the research workers that the Syzygium cumini or jamun aid in bring arounding up many diseases.


As in the field of medicine new find ever arises. By traveling through all the research work which is been done up boulder clay now sing the function which Syzygium cumini works species is playing in the field of medicine one thing is clear that this works possess many characteristic belongings which could be used by in the medicine and will besides assist in the betterment in the field of medical specialties. The major consequence of this works is on the intervention of diabetes. If the hereafter range is to be discussed so it must be seen that Syzygium cumini or Jamun holds up many advantages in the manner of intervention of diabetes. First as jamun is a cheap summer turning species it can be grown anyplace. Hence it is traveling to be a cheaper manner of intervention. Not merely this it is one of the natural redress which prove to be rather effectual and non-toxic or harmless as it doesn’t contain any harmful component. Easily available. Can be use in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours meal. Hence it is to be noted that Syzygium cumini is of great usage. The major Drug and Medicine organisation and research centre are developing techniques in which they are deducing drugs and medical specialty from the infusion of this works. Apart from these research and drug development, the ayurvedic medical specialty are commercially are been generated in market for the utilizations.

Hence it can be said that Syzygium cumini clasp all the characteristics which make it a powerful curable of disease. In future where new development is taking a measure in front this would be turn out a long term good medicine.


Therefore the function of Syzygium cumini is good defined and the advantageous of it are besides been discussed in this reappraisal article. This reappraisal article was chiefly done in order to acquire an thought what Syzygium cumini works is capable away. Its characters, components and the function of assorted chemical nowadays in it. Hence it all in one curable expression of disease.

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