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Review of Southern Racial Issues in Jimmy Carter’s Memoir An Hour Before Daylight Essay

Southerners, even racially sensitive Southerners such as Jimmy Carter,
often claim that they understand thetrue’ plight of Black Southern
people.This statement, so strange on its surface given the racial
intolerance that has long marked the South, is made because white
Southerners frequently live at greater proximity to individuals whom
identify themselves as African Americans.Even advocates of segregation in
the pre-civil rights era in the South often had Black maids and Black
individuals take care of their children.Whites in the North might endorse
racial tolerance in the abstract, but had little contact with African
Americans on a personal basis in the pre-civil rights era and even
Former President Jimmy Carter, and those who advocate the point of
view that Southern people of a liberal ilk have a greater understanding of
the Black plight in America may thus have legitimacy in their advocacy of
their greater tolerance in comparison to Northern whites.It is indeed
perhaps better and more humane from a human rights standpoint to understand
someone as an individual human being rather than to advocate the betterment
ofthe race’ in an abstract fashion, as Northerners who came to the South
to help the cause of civil rights but had never known a Black person as a
friend or associate.Carteri?? states thati?? in his Southern community, in
Georgia our [white and Black family’s] daily existence was almost totally
Carter grew up on a farm.He knew that the peanuts harvested could
not have brought economic gain to the community, without the efforts of
Black families.He saw that Black Americas sweat as much as the White
laborers, ate as much, and yet were paid far less. He experienced
discrimination, not in the abstract, but knowing that his family and
lifestyle could not have existed nor been supported without the struggle,

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