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Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility Paper

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The sample paper on Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.

Most businesses primary focus is to make profits and staying ahead of their competitors. However, they need to take Into account their responsibility to the other end of the group In the society and stakeholders. The number of consumer who take Into account of the company social performance is steadily growing and it is an important aspect for companies to keep this in mind when conducting the nature of their business. This paper will discuss and review about Coca Cola Social performance both in its positive and negative light.

Since 2005, Coca Cola Environmental Performance Measures Report showed that Coca Cola had a 5% reduction in energy use, 4% reduction in the water use, 3% deduction In solid waste and 3% Increase In recycling and the number predicted are going to rise In the future (Coca-Cola environmental performance Improves 2005). Coca Cola had launched a programmer called “Live positively’ (Coca Cola n. D. ). This programmer emphasis on both taking care of the planet and helping the community.

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Recycling Programmer, conservation of water and climate protection are their main focus on environment. Evidence to support this is the recent partnership between Coca Cola and SAID (Businesslike 2010). On March 22 2010, Coca Cola Company announced that they will further Invest $12. Million USED In their global partnership (Businesslike 2010). WAD Is established by Coca Cola and SAID in order to tackle the scarcity and degrading of water in 22 countries such as Africa,Middle East and South East Asia (Businesslike 2010).

Stakeholder Analysis Of Coca Cola

They had helped 300,000 people of the world’s poor so far in gaining access to sources of water health and livelihood (Businesslike 2010). Coca Cola further state their social obligation to the environment by giving support to the WFM Earth Hour (Businesslike 2010). “Switch off’ Campaign Is a campaign launched by Coca Cola for their employee to articulate in the worldwide events to participate in the Earth Hour activities (Businesslike 2010). Another partnership that Coca Cola participate in is with united Resource Recovery Corp.. (Suppurating Herald -Journal 2009).

They created a campaign which is called “recycle” which focuses on providing recycling bins and supplies to schools and other places within the community (Suppurating Herald – Journal 2009). This campaign promotes recycling In the community and It had successfully collected a total of 240,743 bottles since It first launched In December 2008 (Suppurating Herald -Journal 2009). In relations to the society and community, Coca Cola had recently partners with Special Olympics to host the first ever “Unity Cup” (Food Weekly News 2010).

The main objective of this event is to support the Special Olympics athletes and to facilitate acceptance for people that have disabilities both mentally and physically (Food Weekly News 2010). Scholarship is Delve trotter Trot coca cola tongue ten coca cola Automaton (Cloud 2 focuses on building education for students of all different ages and since 1986, they have awarded more than $53 Million USED in Scholarship (Businesslike 2010) . By doing this, Coca Cola help students who had problems with funds or in need of help to continue their studies.

The recent Haiti earthquake had also further moved Coca Cola social responsibility into helping the victims. On March 31 2010, Coca Cola announced that they will be investing $7. 5 Million USED in boosting the Haiti Hope Project in order to help 25,000 Mango Farmers in Haiti ( Businesslike 2010). This project which is going to last for 5 years, intended to double the income of these farmers and to raise their standard way of living, while at the same time also intriguing to the long-term development and revitalization of Haiti (Businesslike 2010).

Furthermore, Coca Cola foundation also had donated $1 Million USED to the American Red Cross for their aid in Haiti disaster (Coca Cola 2010). Coca Cola had also stopped financing animal research to test their products (Goodman 2007). People for the Ethical Treatment scrutiny Coca Cola for their animal testing practices and Coca Cola had responded to this by issuing a statement stating that they had stopped using animal testing as to test their products and urges their partners to find alternatives for testing their products (Goodman 2007).

In terms of the stakeholders, Coca Cola had secure the stakeholder position in the company as further supported by the Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (Computers, Networks & Communications 2008). Coca Cola managed to won the award edging its competitors from 46 other global companies in terms of integrating their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CARS) into its business strategy, the responsiveness to their stakeholders needs and finally the development of its partnership in fulfilling their social responsibility (Computers, Networks & Communication 2008).

Coca Cola also always try to aim for improvement. With their new chief executive Terry Davis on the helm, they managed to increase the shares by 5% and the numbers is predicted to be increasing by 10% annually (The Daily Telegraph 2001). All this factors had made a positive impact on the the society and its stakeholders. The constant increase in shares and the actions that Coca Cola had undertaken to fulfill their social responsibility have made a positive impact on stakeholders.

Despite all the positive impact on the society and stakeholders, Coca Cola too also had some issues in their field of business. The biggest one being the massive violation rights in Columbia which involves murder, torture and kidnapping of Union leaders by thugs that collaborate with Coke’s bottlers (Rogers 2004). In July 2001, a filmiest is issued to Coca Cola on behalf of SENATORIAL to force Coca Cola to prevent further bloodshed and in turn providing a safer working condition and environment (Kilocycle 2010).

However, the case suffered some setbacks due to the lack of evidence and the complex chain of relationship within the Coca Cola company (Wolf 2009). This is then followed by the statement issued by Coca Cola which later en published on their main websites indicating that they are not at fault for the case in Columbia and stated that they had always provide a safe working environment and against the idea of violence and child labor (Coca Cola 2006). Recent pollution caused by Coca Cola in India had further brought Coca Cola social responsibility to light yet again (Kumar 2010).

Coca Cola is issued with a $47 Million USED Tine Tort Managing ten water Ana solo In ten southern Animal village (Kumar 2010). The plant closed a couple of years after the village council decided not to renew its license (Kumar 2010). This issue thus in turn rises the stakeholders concern of Coca Cola social responsibility (Survived 2007). Other cases such as in Mexico in 2002 where Coke is involved in engaging in anti-competitive practices such as having an agreement exclusively with the small convenience stores and grocery stores (Rogers 2004).

Other cases such as the major chemical leaks of 2 plants, air pollutions and electrical accidents in January 2000 , further dent Coca Cola record on safety (Rogers 2004). With all of the above factors combined, the social performance of Coca Cola can be said to have a mixed evaluation. Their actions towards the society and stakeholders have had both positive and negative impact. The question thus remains as to whether they had done enough to fulfill their obligations to the society and stakeholders level of expectations.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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