Im Not Scared Essay

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However this also demonstrates the idea that people are capable of making their own moral choices and are able to show compassion and selflessness in times of need. Bullying is explored throughout the novel and is used to further demonstrate man’s capacity for evil, this is enhanced by the adults who are corrupt and are raising their children on the idea that to gain power it is acceptable to bully others.

The novel focuses on the Idea that people’s ability to be evil Is also enhanced by people, especially men, feeling the need to prove themselves, to be brave and strong and rueful.

This Idea Is demonstrated when Sergei Is leading a meeting between the adults who captured Fillips and they are talking about what they should do.

It Is a pivotal scene because it is when Michele finally discovers what his father has to do with the boy in the hole. Fillips mother appears on the television issuing a plea to Filipinos captors to release him. Even though Piano, Missile’s father, has a son he shows no signs of sympathizing with the woman and in order to prove his manliness and bravado in front of the other men he: “Made the scissors sign with his fingers. ‘Two ears we’ll cut off.

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Im Not Scared Essay

Two. This proves that he may believe and know that what they are doing is wrong but because of the bullying by the men from the North, mainly their representative Sergei, he feels he has to prove himself and does the wrong thing In front of Michele. This demonstrates man’s capacity for evil because It shows that weak minded people will do the wrong thing when bullied Into It. Man’s capacity for evil Is also shown when the children, mainly Skull and his older brother Fence, are introduced to bullying from a young age and are brought up not knowing that it is wrong to bully someone.

Skull’s father works with Sergei, Missile’s father and the there men to capture Fillips and we see evidence that Skull and Fence have seen bullying before; enough to believe it is acceptable. Skull even bullies his younger friends in order to gain power because he hasn’t been taught that bullying is wrong. When Michele loses the race Skull still chooses Barbara to do the forfeit and tells her to remove her trousers. She says no and he slaps her across the face causing her to oblige. Luckily Michele realizes that it is the wrong this to do and steps in and stops her: “Skull got up and strolled towards her with his hands In his pockets… O lost owe pull down your trousers’… Skull slapped her across the face. ” The children are imitating the cruel adult world they have grown up with and aren’t realizing that some of the things they are doing Is wrong. This Idea of bullying In the adult world being translated into the children’s games shows people’s capacity for evil even at a capacity for evil is also demonstrated by the overwhelming poverty that is, in a sense, one of the causes of the bullying because people Just want to better their situations.

The devastating poverty that the town of Aqua Traverse faces is used to emphasis society’s ability to be evil and to cause self-destruction because it shows that in the end the most important thing to someone is themselves and their family and in the situation some people are in, they will do anything to make their lives better. The kidnapping of Fillips is the major crime in the book which causes the immense social breakdown.

Michele and his family are in a dreadful situation where Piano is often away from home for long periods of time as he tries to provide financially for his family. Times are tough and when the adults are bullied by Sergei into believing that damping the boy and asking for a ransom is the best thing to do and the only way of making their situation better they take it. In a way they are to be pitied for this because one can see that they are almost innocently Just trying to better their family.

It is ironic to think they were happier before they kidnapped the boy and this helps to show that although man has the capacity to be evil it is never the right thing to do. Sergei uses verbal abuse and bullying to make all of his Southern followers believe that what they are doing is not only the right thing, but that it will help them to lead deter lives: “Right from the start, you people have made one mistake after another… ‘ told them up North we couldn’t rely on you… You’re incompetent. ” He uses this as a kind of reverse psychology in order to get them to stick with the plan.

This shows individual people’s capability to be evil and to use others to better themselves and their situations in times of poverty, whether it is Sergei trying to use others to help him with his schemes or Piano and Teresa using others to better their lives, both situations demonstrate a definite capacity for evil in humans. The fact that Piano and Teresa engage in the kidnapping, even though they are Just trying to better their position shows that humans have the aptitude for self-destruction as well as evil.

In the final scene when Piano shoots his own son because he is indulging in acts of evil it is evident that humans not only have the capacity for evil but for self-destruction as well. When Piano is holding his son who he has shot he pleads with the authorities to help him because he finally realizes Just how much he had and that he didn’t appreciate that enough and if he hadn’t done the wrong thing he may still have been able to keep all that he once had: “l didn’t recognize him. Help me, please, he’s my son. He’s wounded.

I didn’t… ” The scene reveals Just how man’s capacity for evil enables greater capacity for self-destruction, however this idea is used to show that although man has the facility to indulge in acts of wickedness and self-destruction not all people do and this is also made clear by Amanita throughout the novel. The use of bullying and poverty is incorporated by Amanita to demonstrate man’s capacity for evil but this is also used to demonstrate that not all people use their ability to be evil and self-destructive.

Some people, such as Michele, are capable of kindness and compassion even when the people around them are indulging themselves in acts of evil and self-destruction. Before Piano finds out that Michele knows about the boy in the hole, Michele stumbles upon the adults having a meeting bogeyman by day he was good, but at night he was bad. ” This realization causes him to lose some of his respect for his father and he decides that he must see Fillips again. Michele sees Fillip’s mother on the news telling Fillips that she loves him.

Michele sneaks out to find Fillips again: “l must go. And I must tell him about his other, that she still loved him and that she had said so on television. ” This act of extreme selflessness by Michele next to his discovery that his father is evil reinforces the compassion of Michele when he sneaks off, putting himself in danger, in order to do the right thing by Fillips. This illustrates the true ability that humans have to be compassionate against all odds even when others are being cruel and evil.

Because Michele has such a strong connection with his father he finds it difficult to go against what his father wants when he finds out that Michele had met Fillips and knew what was going on. He knows that the promises his father forces him to make are morally wrong and so he must choose between defying his father who he loves or doing what is right and in the end he does what is right because he knows that what has been done to Fillips cannot be Justified no matter how much he loves his father and wants to believe that there is still good in him.

Michele does try to forget about Fillips and this shows that humans have the capacity to show compassion which is what Amanita is trying to demonstrate by the polar opposites of Michele and his father’s actions. Michele struggles with his conscious because he wants to do right by his ether while also doing the right thing: “What was I going to do? I had promised him I would go and see him again, but I couldn’t, I had sworn to papa that I wouldn’t go. Because he has promised Fillips he will come back he is tormented by the thought of not returning to him and helping him. This proves that although Michele, like any human being, has the capacity for evil and self-destruction he also has the capacity for selflessness and compassion which is a major part of the novel as Amanita describes the two very different sides of human nature through very different characters.

I’m not scared’ by Niccole Amanita incorporates poverty and bullying to enhance the idea that humans have a definite capacity for evil and self-destruction but this idea is also used to illustrate the fact that people are capable of rising above this and can act in selfless and compassionate ways regardless of the ways people are acting around them. This description of the different forms of human nature provides an important lesson for all and shows that even in the most extreme of situations when social decay is overwhelming humans have the ability to rise up and do the right thing.

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