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“Return from the Stars” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Film Analysis

Essay on “Return from the Stars”

The former, the earth will not see the sky,

If you believe the tales of scientists eccentrics.

After all, when we return, we, in all of their laws

On the Earth will pass seven hundred centuries.

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In. Vysotsky (the march of cosmic villains).

To write about the books by Stanislaw Lem is difficult, very much multifaceted, mixed his work and himself. Who is he? Writer, writer – visionary, a philosopher, a classic of world literature? Or maybe just fantastic? The preacher of the new, digital age? Or all the same century man? Answers to these questions can be sought for a long time that did not detract from the main – books Lem, is a book that makes you think! It does not matter that it’s “Tales robots” or “Sum of technologies”, “Invincible” or “Peace on Earth” … or “Return from the Stars”.

The Earth. It not passed “seven hundred centuries,” but only 127 years for Al Bragg and his friends … but the chasm that yawned between a seasoned 10-year-old flight crew of the first interstellar expedition and society that was formed at this time on Earth was much deeper than one could imagine. It seems that even the ancient Egyptians is much easier to adapt to the 21st century than cohesive, psychologically trained astronauts in the age of 22. The reason for this lies in one simple word – betrizatsiya, “Vaccination against violence.” Society Without Violence, a golden dream of the Utopians, however achieved is not quite “fair” way, without fail betriziruyut all newborn children (adult vaccination has no effect), so they stanovjatsja physiologically incapable of violence, well and further chain reaction physiological impossibility of violence gradually forms and special psychogenesis society (so that after n generations, perhaps, vaccination is not needed). And this, it seems to me, the novel shows the best … not painful adaptation betrezirovannogo not a “real man” Al Bragg and say Olaf. Do not search for yourself in the new world “of people from the past”, and the fact that a society without violence (even generated force) will be completely different. It will not be familiar to us humanity without wars, armed conflicts, and even ordinary blows to the face, it would be a different humanity. Development, science, art, interpersonal relationships, love – it will not go anywhere, but it will be the other sciences, other arts and even, in most cases, the other love. Better it will be, or worse? The question remains open, although I personally close view Olaf – humanity, surely gained a lot, but it has lost stars

This book is written but still not obsolete in 1961 by one iota, chitaetsya easily and quickly. and ponder for a long time causes.

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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on “Return from the Stars” Review and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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