Roles Of A Sports Coach

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The managing role of a coach is unique, the same as each role, a manager must select balanced teams for example in hockey his two star players are both strikers but if they are playing in that position they don’t pass well together and they don’t receive enough service from the midfield.

The coach sees this and decides to drop one of them back into midfield. This works well, the strikers have a support striker and a finisher, and they are getting better service from the midfield. If the coach hadn’t changed it then the players needs would not be met, and it would not maximise their potential.

The manager must be very decisive and be a leader for his team, for example, in the up-coming game the opposition are playing a 4-3-3 formation, the coach sees this and decides to utilise the space on the wings and plays his side in a 4-5-1 formation with the wingers supporting the striker.

However, at half time they appear to have changed to a 4-5-1 themselves, the coach assures his players to keep it the same and they have the ability to beat them man for man. The unique thing about the coaching role compared to the other 5 roles is that the match day mind frame is almost like a game of chess, the other 5 roles focus on your own team but the manager must be mindful of both his side and the opposition, making and counter-acting moves according to what is happening in front of him.

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What Is A Sports Coach Roles And Responsibilities

Educator An educating role of a coach is very important on a and off the pitch, the educator must know about what he is teaching, for example in basketball the coach teaches the players the wrong technique for a jump shot, if the technique is not correct then they could injure themselves executing the move. However if the technique is right the players can practise and improve maximising their own potential. The educator must not only educate the players on the playing field, but off it as well, for example in football the coach has an U16’s team that have just finished a match.

They are in the dressing room and are talking about going out to celebrate by getting drunk and getting in fights, the coach stops them and tells them that its not cool and improvises by teaching them about other thing they can do to celebrate. The educator role is different to the others because its not just about the matters on the playing field or involved in the sport, its about lifestyle and living standards too. In football the venue isn’t where the map said it was, a local says its across the main road so take safety precautions every session to make sure all the kids get across safely.

In basketball the hall you hired out is half the size as you thought it was so you make changes to your course arrangements to change the venue to a near-by facility. In rugby your venue has been double booked, you have to try an find another venue so you ring round all the possible local venues. Health and Safety In rugby your filling in for a sick colleague, you turn up 15 minutes earlier than usual to carry out a quick risk assessment to make sure there are no dangers.

In football your training on an Astroturf and 3 of your players are wearing studs, you tell them they must use trainers or they cant because they risk injury. In hockey none of your players have the correct protective equipment for goalkeeping so you adapt your session into a possession game. Equipment In tennis you are working at a school and you are told the school will supply equipment, you bring a small amount of your own equipment in case of any problems that may occur.

In football you have no equipment the day before a session, you contact your venue and colleagues to consult about borrowing equipment. In basketball you have 20 kids to cater for but only 10 basketballs, you make sure your session plan is all 1 ball between 2 related. Players Needs In rugby you have an exceptional player, you may have to cater for him/her by making the session harder for his level of skill. In Tennis you have a leg amputee you may have to cater for him/her by making the area of his/her court smaller or playing against a weak player. In football you have a player with asthma, you make sure he has his inhaler with him at all times whilst playing or taking part in physical activity.

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