Peer Tutoring Essay

Peer tutoring is the process of education characterized by the fact that the teacher of the tutee is his classmate or merely the person of the same age and social status. Peer tutoring is a favorite tradition practiced in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Smart students are involved in the teaching process and share their knowledge with their contemporaries trying to improve the current progress of the latter.

The system of peer tutoring is straightforward. If the student has imperfect knowledge of the individual subject or topic, he can receive the constructive advice from the peer tutor.

The tutors are most often the volunteers who not just help their mates with the solution of their educational problems, but gain experience and numerous communication and professional skills which can help in the process of teaching.

It is natural that the tutor improves his knowledge repeating the information several times to the tutee. Peer tutors are not always the classmates of tutees; they both can be from different classes and can have a year or two age difference.

The majority of tutors do not receive money reward from their tutees, being volunteers. Peer tutoring develops student’s responsibility, communicative and behavioral skills and prepares them for the grownup life. The job is even more useful for the students who are going to build an academic career and teach students in future. The dominant positive side of this type of tutoring is the selective approach towards studying because the relation between two contemporaries differs from the ones between the student and the grownup teacher.

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The student can teach the contemporary in the informal way which is not accepted by the grownup professor.

Thesis About Peer Tutoring

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