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Knowledge Management Research Proposal Essay

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Knowledge sharing is the process of the exchange of information between the members of single or different social groups. It is natural that knowledge sharing is the most important factor which maintains the development of the human civilization, because every new generation receives knowledge about the world around from older generations who are considered to be more experienced, wiser and clever. Knowledge sharing is fulfilled in different ways and for various purposes. First of all the information can be provided in the verbal way. this way of sharing is the oldest one, no wonder, the first examples of literature, folklore were recited and sung in the oral way. After that appeared the written way of knowledge sharing which possessed a great number of methods and approaches. Today, knowledge sharing is conducted in the written and verbal from as well.

Knowledge sharing is the core factor of the human socialization, because if one wants to survive in the society, he has be aware about the rules of life, the facts which can be useful for the survival and improvement of the quality of life. In order to share knowledge one should possess it, he should be conscious, have constant access towards it and know how to present it in the most accessible and understandable way. Nowadays, the term knowledge sharing has a bit narrower meaning connected with management. The manager is supposed to provide the novice employees about the most important facts essential for the work in the institution and this sharing is carried out during training, discussions and other events.

Research Proposal On Knowledge Sharing

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Knowledge sharing is the basic factor which maintains the appropriate existence of the human civilization, because without the knowledge received in previous generations the further improvement of science and all the spheres of the human life is impossible. The idea of the research proposal is to observe the topic on knowledge sharing from the alternative side and prove to the professor that the issue is worth researching. It is a serious plus to dwell on the most thought-provoking points and aspects of knowledge sharing in order to make the paper full of sense. One can borrow the information about the topic through the trustworthy sources and brainstorm the methodology of writing.

The student is supposed to prepare a persuasive assignment which would contribute into the development of the discipline and the student’s background knowledge. One is able to look through a free example research proposal on knowledge sharing written online and express his own idea relying on the thoughts of the experienced writers. One is able to cope with the convincing tone of writing and the complicated paper’s structure reading a free sample research proposal on knowledge sharing in the Internet.

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This paper example is written by Benjamin, a student from St. Ambrose University with a major in Management. All the content of this paper consists of his personal thoughts on Knowledge Management Research Proposal and his way of presenting arguments and should be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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