Research Proposal On Cancer

Cancer as a a System of Diseases

Cancer is not a disease of a certain organ but is a system of diseases, which can influence any part of the human organism and develop there. The disease is characterized with the undesired growth of cells, which can not be regulated in natural ways, only with the help of special medical treatment. When cells grow in enormous quantities, they do not let human organ function well and a person most often dies. Cancer can be called the disease of the modern civilization, as it has been noticed since the beginning of the XXth century.

The period of modern times is characterized by poor ecological situation, development of machinery and production of harmful substances which influence human body badly. These are the key factors which cause cancer, no wonder the number of ill in cancer is extremely high in the industrial regions and ares were plants, factories and mines are concentrated. Cancer can be diagnosed in numerous ways, including common cancer symptoms, special screening tests, and medical imaging.

There are several stages of cancer and it is obvious the earlier you discover the disease, the better chances you have to cure it, because cancer on the final stage, unfortunately, can not be cured.

Cancer Research Proposal Sample

The topic of cancer is extremely urgent and stressing nowadays and scientists are looking for effective methods of treatment and detection of cancer on the early stages. So, in order to inform students about the problem, they are given a possibility to write research papers on it.

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If a student has special ideas and concepts concerning the treatment of cancer, he can write a research proposal ad ask for permission to develop his investigation. The proposal should be informative, logically composed and convincing. If a student manages to persuade the professor that the topic is worth attention, the paper will be considered to be a successful one.

Students who plan to write a research proposal on breast cancer should investigate the problem in detail to understand the development of the disease and its impact on the human organism. Students should learn the topic well in order to be able to analyze things and brainstorm effective methods of treatment or detection of cancer, so a pack of books, scientific journals and encyclopedias will be helpful in this case. Nevertheless, information is not enough for the successful paper writing. One has to convince the professor in the importance of the topic. Many students do not know how to do it well, so they need help of the professional.

The Internet offers a wide choice of free samples of research proposals on cervical cancer, which will be useful for students who do not know how to organize the paper properly and how to keep the reader interested in the content. Although, free examples of research proposal on lung cancer seem to be of high quality, one has to be careful, because many samples are prepared by poorly-trained amateur writers.

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Research Proposal On Cancer
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