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Research Proposal About Absenteeism Essay

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Absenteeism is the phenomenon and type of behaviour which is characterized with the denial of a person to fulfill her duties. At first the term absenteeism was used only for the people who denied taking an active part in the elections. The term is generally associated with the careless indifferent person who does not to participate in the public life of the country, like voting for elections, going to the meetings or supporting a certain political party. Now the term absenteeism is used to define the person who runs away from her duties. Naturally, such habit or behaviour is treated like the immoral one, because the employee who misses work influences the development of the whole organization badly. It is obvious that an employee earns money for his work, so he is expected to fulfill it properly.

Essay Example on Absenteeism Research Proposal

There are people who go to work day after day and explain their absence with poor health, problems in private life, etc. The boss can excuse rare absences in the extreme situations, but when the absence is too frequent, the boss starts thinking about the employee negatively and starts to look for the more reliable person for this position. On the other hand, the negative stereotype of absenteeism is useful for the employer and his profits, because with the run of time employees have got used to the negative attitude to any type absence at a workplace and they try to go to work even when they are ill and really have certain problems.

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When a student has chosen to research the problem of absenteeism, he should prepare a good research proposal to persuade the professor that the selected topic is worth his attention. In order to succeed in research proposal writing, one should study the topic well and understand its positive and negative sides, factors which cause absenteeism and types of this habit. On the basis of the gained knowledge one will be able to weigh the problem soberly and even suggest some effective methods and solutions to the problem. The role of a research proposal is win the chance to investigate the chosen topic in detail and introduce something new into the discipline, so the paper should be informative, interesting and convincing.

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Research Proposal About Absenteeism

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