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Research Paper Topics Paper

Essay Topic:

To start is the most difficult part of writing. Topic selection is that crucial moment when you begin the process. The theme of your article determines a lot of significant aspects: research, structuring, examples. If your research paper topics are not relevant to the subject, you may lose valuable points for the final grade. Choosing the theme can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why we have gathered the list of interesting themes on various subjects here. Moreover, you can read about main tips and recommendations about the chosen title.

Don’t Hurry Up when Choosing the Topics for Research Paper

There is no use taking a random theme without proper consideration. A research paper is not a short essay which you can finish in one or two days. You will have to work on your task for weeks. The subject of your writing should be your major focus for quite a long span. That is why before you decide on the final choice, make sure your subject corresponds to the following recommendations.

Focus on your interests

Any scientist should find interest and excitement from the sphere of his or her investigation. If you like what you are writing about, you will easily cope with the task. When you have a boring theme, you may hate everything related to the research. Focus on your strengths, remember which subjects you like learning. If you manage to combine your interests and the theme, the writing process may turn out to be amazing.

Check the availability of sources

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A research paper should contain references to various sources. Unless you have them, the work will be too subjective. Moreover, you will need to use many sources and include them at the works cited page. Using the Internet and library are the best ways to find out how researchable your subject of the investigation is. The right research paper topics will have lots of credible sources.

Think over the title of your work

The naming of the work is an indispensable part of the topic selection. It is the first thing what your target audience learns about your piece of writing. Pay attention to the following tips which will help you provide the best heading ever.

Informative title

Research paper topics shouldn’t be very creative or imaginative. It is an academic style, and your title shouldn’t be an exception. The object of your analysis should be the central nominalization of the title. It doesn’t have to be a question or exclamatory sentence.

Perfect length for the title

Some students make mistakes in trying to include all the aspects of the investigation. In reality, it is impossible. Figure out the main generalizing words of your theme and write them down. Just 4-7 words about the topic, in general, would be enough.

Examples of Topics on Subjects

Here you can find the list of research paper topics on different subjects. You can use the title as it is or alter it according to your task requirements. You may choose one topic and narrow it down to specific examples. For instance, if the theme is called “Negative and positive sides of social media,” you can specify the type of social media. Write about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It will help you focus on the exact example. Read the ideas mentioned below to boost your creativity.


  1. Cyberbullying as the negative side of the technological advancement.
  2. Steve Jobs changed the whole era of the technological world.
  3. Negative and positive sides of social media.
  4. Elon Mask’s Falcon Heavy Rocket as a huge breakthrough.
  5. A semiconductor is a basis for each technology.


  1. The global warming as the problem for the whole humanity.
  2. Greenhouse effect and its influence on the global warming.
  3. The necessity to promote recycling in less developed countries.
  4. Deforestation triggers the problem of endangered species.
  5. Wind and solar power are the best alternative types.


  1. Marketing as the key tool for developing business.
  2. Franchising as the means to start your business.
  3. Time management as a crucial skill for the businessman.
  4. The example of Google in making employees satisfied.
  5. Motivation among workers in the business environment.


  1. Phenomenon-based learning and teaching.
  2. Innovative types of teaching strategies.
  3. Positive and negative sides of cyber schools.
  4. E-learning and its influence on the interpersonal relationship between students.
  5. The significance of online courses for pupils.


  1. Euthanasia as a question for medicine and morality.
  2. Ways of preventing AIDS.
  3. The interconnection of obesity and anorexia.
  4. Impact of alcohol on the human body.
  5. Differences and similarities in English and American medicaments for curing insomnia.


  1. The negative influence of Instagram on people.
  2. Racial discrimination in the European countries.
  3. The role of women in the XXI century.
  4. The description of a society in the “Atlas Shrugged.”
  5. Pros and cons of migration.


  1. Pros and cons of making sports activities obligatory at school.
  2. The effects of practicing yoga on pregnant women.
  3. Motivation for sports
  4. Healthy eating habits while going in for sport.
  5. World organizations on promoting sport among high school and university students.


  1. What are the reasons of stress among children?
  2. The causes and consequences the classical music has on the brain work.
  3. Short and long-term impact of depression on the human’s health.
  4. Good dreams can give you inspirations for achieving goals.
  5. Violent gaming is the most important factor in the children’s bad behavior.


  1. Causes and the effects of the World War II.
  2. Should the government control how writers depict the history of the country in books?
  3. The Cold War as the dangerous political state for
  4. Main ways to prevent revolution within the nation.
  5. How teachers should analyze and discuss the effects of World Wars at schools.


  1. Advertisement refers to the modern type of art.
  2. Modern subcultures which are popular in the USA.
  3. Culture influences behavior vs. behavior influences culture.
  4. Installations as the best means to express emotions in art.
  5. Notre Dame de Paris as the best musical of all years.


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