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Road construction is a complex of various operations, which includes activities in several areas: design, construction, repair, and maintenance of roads. The quality of road construction has much to say about any country, because it indicates not only the level of economic development of the country, but is also the necessary component of creating a positive image of the country abroad. Road construction begins, where necessary, by land clearing and stump removal. These operations then allow archaeologists to carry out their investigations.

At the same time, there are changes of the networks layout (drinking water, irrigation, electricity, gas, etc.), which lie in the path of the future highway.

Then the constructors start earthworks and build bridges and culverts that will allow rivers and streams pass under the highway. The works of restoration of road communications are also involved. They include building crossing bridges that pass over and under the highway. Earthworks comprise cutting and embankment: in some upland areas, earth is removed (cuttings) to be given to lowlands (embankment).

In addition, configuration and terrain often makes necessary the use of complementary materials found in sandy clay loans off the motorway boundaries. Remediation takes place at the same time in close cooperation with earthworks. Ditches are created to collect rainwater, which will be stored in tanks and treated. No runoff from the highway shall be discharged directly into the environment.

Road construction is carried out using modern materials, innovative designs, and methods in construction technology. Only the application of modern technologies in the field of road construction can provide the high quality road surface, which is capable to not only provide comfort and ensure road traffic safety, but it also may help us obtain greater economic benefits like extending life duration of roads and reducing the cost of their subsequent repair and reconstruction.

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The high-quality road construction technology allows creating a highly durable asphalt coating, which has many positive features like, is more hygienic, it is easier to repair as it have a great climate exposure resistance.

Your research papers on road construction must explain to its readers that the road is and remains the only infrastructure that serves everybody without any exception. There is a road to the door of each house. Every trip begins and ends with a road course. To access a station, a port, airport, we take a road. It is what allows you to use other means of transport. The road offers everyone the opportunity to be connected to others. If the telecommunications allow contact with the world, the road allows people come home.

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