A gang is a specific group of people, who are united on the basis of a certain idea, purpose, kind of activity, preferences, age, and exist and ‘work’ on a particular territory. Every band is often opposed by the other one, which possesses some other believes and supports another idea. This reason always become the basis for numerous conflicts, even wars. According to the opinion of the general public, every gang exists only to commit all sort of crimes. Crimes have always accompanied the human civilization and criminals acted individually very seldom.

The most typical and effective way to commit crimes is gathering into gangs.

Gangs have a very complicated and strict structure or organization. There is always the head of a gang. This gang member is probably the oldest one and likely possesses the smallest criminal record and they always have great authority and power to control the activity of the gang and recruit new members. The members of the gangs often try to identify themselves with clothes, haircuts, various symbols or signs.

The topic of gangs is quite important and stressing, because only in the US there are 30,000 gangs, with 760,000 members who are dangerous for people around. Many people all over the world are targets of the attack of various gangs who do it from different motives and purposes. The topic about gangs should present the historical background of the problem, deep analysis of the functioning of gangs, their structure, and reasons of creation and results of their activity.

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Quite useful will be tables and graphs with statistics on the topic. Finally, a good research paper should present the ways which are helpful for people to protect themselves from the attacks and various tips with useful advice how to act when you face gang members on the street.

Essay On Gangs

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