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Research Paper on Cyber Bullying Essay

Essay Topic:

Cyber bullying is the process, during which the Internet is used to harm and abuse people. Cyber bullying is really becoming more and more popular especially among teenagers, young people, who use the Internet technologies to hurt their friends or class mates. In is generally known that nearly every child who studies at school and has an account in social networks is a victim of cyber bullying and receives instant massages which contain threats and rude content.

Most often the messages are not dangerous, because it is mostly a joke of young people who entertain themselves in such a weird way, but many targets of cyber bullying are very sensitive and treat every message seriously.

As a result many teenagers, especially the ones, who possess low self esteem are stressed, frightened and even depressed. If one receives messages very often, he might get problems with psychics. In order to protect young people from cyber bullying parents and teachers should control the time spent in front of the PC and if the emails and messages are very serious – should ask the police for help. Very soon cyber bullying will be considered like a serious crime in order to regulate the situation and protect people from the unnecessary negative emotions in the web.

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Today cyber bullying is the favorite entertainment of young people, that is why the situation with this problem is very tensing. More and more people suffer from cyber bullying and the government, including the police do their best to stop this process or at least reduce it. Students who study sociology and psychology often choose to write about cyber bullying, because they have fresh ideas aimed to solve the problem once for all. A student writing the research is expected to present the background of the problem, its cause and effect aspects, types of cyber bullying, what categories of people are the targets and with what ways people are abused in the Internet. Moreover, every student is supposed to present wise solutions of the problem which will be new and effective.

Like every assignment, research paper writing is a difficult job for a young person. One has to read a lot about the problem under research and improve his knowledge on the topic. Besides, it is recommended to read free sample research papers on cyber bullying information in the web. Free papers are often completed by professional writers who are the experts in the topics they research and write about. On the other hand, no matter what the quality of the sample is, it will be a good help for every student. Every free example research paper on cyber bullying stories will teach a student to write a paper successfully.

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