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Research Paper on Cancer Paper

Cancer, or a malignant neoplasm, is a serious and often fatal disease caused by cells mutation and, as a result, their proliferation, formation of tumors and invasion of nearby biological tissues.

Some of such mutations are acquired during the replication of normal DNA, which means that cancer is partially hereditary, when others may be caused by external factors: radiation or lifestyle.

9 out of 10 cancer cases are due to genetic mutations. All ages are subjected to mutations but the older people are more exposed.

When the cells are mutated, they lose part of their regular properties and their function and acquire other atypical capabilities. The usual factors, which can take out the cell, become idle and it is what permits cell to divide indefinitely and uncontrollably During the course of the disease, some cells may migrate directly via the lymphatic or circulatory systems and form colonies of cells (metastasis) away from the original location.

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Not all tumors are malignant. There is also so-called benign tumors (such as birthmarks and lipomas), which grow slowly, do not spread to other tissues, and rarely recur after being removed in opposition to malignant. Benign tumors can recur locally in certain cases, but they do not usually form metastases or cause the death of the carrier.

In many countries, cancer is one of the leading causes of death. Most cancers can be treated and many cured, especially if treatment is started early. Many forms of cancer are associated with environmental factors that could have been avoided.

Preparing a research paper on cancer is not a simple task. The topic is very complicated and often perplexes even an experienced researcher. On the other hand, the opportunity to study such an important and always actual subject can very be attractive to the inspired investigator. To be able to understand all the different aspects of this disease, its etiology, to know its symptoms and course, students must process a great deal of information from reliable sources and read some scientific publications on the topic. The researcher must be objective, take to consideration all the facts of this polyhedral matter, express his own ideas and try to be original with it.

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