Essay on “Requiem for a Dream”

The following sample essay on my thoughts about “Requiem for a Dream”.

Hmm … I’ll try to answer:)

First of all, to show the “plague” of society as a whole – not only errors of the main characters. Would Sarah began to chew your tablet if it had not seen enough TV Insanely pocherpnuv out the ideal of beauty and grace, which it did not fit, she believes. I do all she would have those colored circles if her like a butterfly attracted not able to get on screen? And Harry and his friends? Who they are at the beginning of the film? Already – outside of society.

Already – people who are not ready to work honestly, to realize their dreams. What makes Harry still at the very beginning? Hales TV market. Then “image” of the TV returns – Harry buys a new mother, a big TV. What is it – an expression of filial love? No. It is an expression of filial willingness to pay off from the mother.

Does it need a new cool TV? No! Its old and already a ruined … it needs to put pressure son, watched and helped her to get off the pills! After all, it’s not heroin! And he said, but did nothing. He just walked away and never came back. Exemplary son, genuinely caring about my mother, is not it?

In addition to just such “social” subtleties in the relationship between the characters, drew the attention of many scenes from the life of America. After all, history does not develop in a vacuum, so in our field of vision get many secondary characters, many of the episodes, which is also not the most beautiful way characterize society.

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Everything in the book seems so shaky and rotten …

As for the artistic value, I would have said the language. It is unusual and varied, but in general very clearly demonstrates the internal attitude of heroes – their impaired consciousness .

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Essay on “Requiem for a Dream”
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