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Republicanism in Renaissance Italy Essay

A key idea of republicanism is self-government. Republicanism was revived in renaissance Italy to fight against the right to rule of the church, and the given divine right to rule of a monarch. The term republic most commonly means the system of government in which the head of the state is elected for a limited term. However, monarchies are based on the idea that one person has the hereditary, divine right from God to rule as head of state during his or her lifetime. Republican theory holds that all people should be able to have their voices heard, whereas in a monarchy the rule comes only from one person.
Republicanism emerged as a result of years under papal and monarchial rule. The people believed an independent and self-governing people, together with the rights of citizens to participate in the government and a constitutional framework assigning definite roles to various social groups, forms the basis of liberty. (Republicanism and Democracy. Overseas Young Chinese Forum) Instead of focusing on the importance of "rule by the people" and the idea of political equality, republicanism advocates self-government, mixed constitution, and the need for government that reflects the interests of "the many" (most of the people in the society), "the one" (the monarchy), and "the few" (the aristocracy). This form of government provides a broad span of social classes a voice in their government so that different interests are taken care of, and order is maintained. It was important that their voices be heard because there was a basic idea of sovereignty of the people. In Florence, the politics rested on two central notions:first on the idea of the sovereign, centralizing state, the embodiment of the res publica and the locus of all political life; and, second, on the conviction that the operative components of this civil community were individual citizens to whom an equal degree of liberty was quarant…

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