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Report Template Paper

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Paste your answers to questions 1 through 16 from the lab below, (. 25 points each) Task 2: Now that you have practiced the subletting process, please complete the problems below. Be sure to show your work: a. You have been given the address 201. 1 11120. 0 by your ISP. You need to create 5 subnets. How many bits minimum would you need to borrow? (1 points each) b. How many usable hosts per subnet will you have? (l points each) c. You have been given the address 150. 30. 0. 0 by your ISP. You want to create 50 subnets. How many bits (1 points each) d.

How many usable hosts per subnet will you have? (I points each) Calculating Subnet Masks Lab (12 points) Write a paragraph (a minimum of five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s Tacos and other course material, and just as importantly, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (4 points) For the Calculating Subnet Masks Lab, you must show your work in finding the needed subnet mask and host addresses.

A missing or incorrectly calculated question number will earn zero points. Copy and paste the following corrections from your Calculating Subnet Masks Lab or worksheet below. Task I: Paste your answer to problem 12 below. (. 5 point) Task 2: Paste the table that you created at problem 41 below. (. 5 point) Task 3: Now that you have gained some expertise by performing the tasks in the lab, you should be able to complete the address table and answer some questions about subnets, (5. 5 points) You have been given the address 202, 100. 50. 0/26. A. How many bits have been borrowed? 5 point) b. Express the custom subnet mask (/26) in decimal format. What is the block size?

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