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What is important is that nomination* is triggered through simple reactions. Joined: 28 July 2009, 10:40 From: Posts: 683 Belgium This has been tested and it does not work as due to the characteristics of this material, the material will dissolve into nothing. The concept is totally to show the essence of release of energy and capture .

Tax (given/received): O time 21 28 times She Book Tutorial Plastic: (Universal Order if Creation of Matter) towpath. Youth. Commonweal_list? P=38EF87FDD33CA864 7 What is an Electron? M. T.

She answer “The other breakthrough with this technology which has been very interesting has been discovering what an electron is. If you ask any theoretical nuclear physicist what is an electron? What is inside of an electron? They cannot give you an answer, they’ll say we do not know, but what we do know is that it flies around d the center nucleus at a very high speed.

For the first time we have explained and proven that an electron is a plasma an analogous substance consisting of mobile charged particles” Question and Answers: Q: How does it break the laws of physics?

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Please explain 8 Inside this bottle there are four pieces of copper wire (electrodes), and they AR e not touching each other they are independent. This means that within this bottle there is an open circuit.

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Like an on/ off switch, a circuit is OFF when it is open, and it is ON when the circuit is closed. On-?electricity flow, Off-?no flow) circuit (turn it on) AND generate electricity from the air within an Empty Open However, with our new understanding of the creation of gravity, we have New Physics in the world of science.

This experiment breaks the old laws of physics and brings to the light of day a new discovery, and it’s pretty exciting. How do you know it’s not a battery? Because there is not an abundance of electrons in the bottle like the abundant CE of electrons within a battery. Rather this is generating energy by moving electrons in a way that mi miss our entire galaxy. Imagine if we shrunk an entire galaxy and put it into a coffee cup. Then we SST KC some electrodes into that swirling galaxy we would probably read energy. That is pretty much what we are doing here, but with atoms not stars. An you tell us what this can be used for? A: This can be used for two very important things: One: proving M. T. She’s theory Of the creation Of gravity thus ushering in a new era of science and discovery we leveled up, and… Two: To blow peoples minds, especially those who build one. This is impossible, BRB seas the laws of physics, but yet it is happening From there, this one application of our new understanding of the creation of gravity will literally revolutionize the world! And this is just the energy application.

Read more ABA out other applications here: She University Education for the Future (Introduction) Can this be scaled up to produce a lot Of energy? A: No, it is not a matter of scaling this UP rather it is a matter of scaling this DOD n, to the atomic level which requires nuclear engineering. Scaling it up dilutes it, scaling g it down focuses it and concentrates the energy. The exciting news is this is already do nerd and we have the knowledge and technology to produce as much energy as we want vi a this plastic 9 bottle “concept model” Q what if you did put it in a vacuum ? Left the bottle closed ?

I was going to mention the same idea, Pump the air out, to 14. 7 negative pop rids per sq inch and then pump the solution in and have a draining mechanism or even leave the Liz duds in bottle and record the results. After all space is a big vacuum if you compare it to galaxy’s. That’s the thing. This isn’t necessarily energy from the vacuum, and it is still m ova;Eng electrons creating the electricity. So in a vacuum it would not work because it needs electrons, and with the cap on it actually produces less energy in that it draw s energy from its surroundings it needs an open environment which is weird… UT nature is pretty weird/magical sometimes. Below is a conversation of Q and A. When you went from gravity to talking about plasma. Don’t understand the lie ink. Don’t know what plasma means actually. 2. When you took the meter reading. What units? What work was it doing? (l have e no techno knowledge) 3. When you got drunk it sort of downgraded your credibility. There are a lot of connections that do not make in this video. In fact, most o f the stuff I talk about is pretty incomprehensible and would go over everyone’s head any ways, discouraging them from watching.

There is literally a spinning galaxy of atom s generating the electricity and doing the work in this video. It is not my intention to connect with people on only an intellectual level with t his video. Rather, it is my intention to connect with people on both and intellectual and a personal level, and alcohol tends to breakdown subconscious barriers, the ego, between Poe Regardless of weather you were drunk while watching this video, if you laugh deed, we subconsciously spent the night getting drunk together we bonded.

It is impossible to break the Laws of physics, however, in this video break the laws of physics, this is the only thing that matters in this video. Remember however, this is not my experiment, this is MET She experiment, I am simply replicating Otto show you. Booze aside, don’t understand what law Of physics has been broken and who at other law 10 used. But it was entertaining. Off switch, a circuit is OFF when it is open, and it is ON when the circuit is closed. On=electricity flow, Off=no flow) That helps. Thanks. So is there vapor from the solution that is still in there?

A ND it’s playing with itself to create an electric differential between the electrodes? No, the bottle was open all night. Its not a vapor in there, its a plasma reaction n. Plasma simply meaning electrons, neutrons, protons, etc. (She describes these part icicles as different fundamental plasmas. ) A plasma reaction just means the hydrogen atoms are ionizing. Meaning that the atom is loosing an electron. That electron then becomes a free electron, a process that t happens all the time. From there the proton and the electron of the hydrogen atom com e back together.

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