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Relationships in Their Eyes Were Watching God Paper

Throughout Janie’s life she searches for true and unconditional love. She encounters two different types of love with two completely opposite men. However she’s only truly in love with one. Janie had a relationship with a man named Joe and another relationship with a man named Tea Cake. Both these men loved Janie, although they had two totally different ways of showing it.

At a very young age Janie met a man named Joe. At the time, she was with a man named Logan who she didn’t love whatsoever. She was infatuated with the idea of running away with Joe, which she eventually did. She thought he was going to be love of her life. He turned out not to be what she had dreamt of. He treated her like dirt. He never let her have a say in anything he did. He forced her to work in the shop all day long without a say. All Janie ever wanted was to be free and be able to be herself. Joe restricted her from that. He made her someone she wasn’t and someone she wasn’t proud to be. He treated her more like an object then a human being. She loved Joe but never was in love with him how she hoped to be when she first ran off with him. She could never be in love with somebody that hit and embarrassed her in front of all the townspeople.

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Janie meets a man named Tea Cake in her village one day. She happens to take interest in him and slowly begins to fall for him. Her relationship with Tea Cake was different from all of her previous relationships. She actually was herself, a strong independent woman. Tea Cake treated her like the woman she wanted to be. Janie’s reasoning behind being with Tea Cake was different than any other. She was with him for his personality and he was appreciative of her personal growth. He never held her back from being herself and he never judged her, not once. Tea Cake and Janie had more of an enjoyable and adventurous relationship, rather than a strict and serious relationship. Janie needed fun and excitement in her life and …

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