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Relationships in The Great Gatsby Paper

As human beings personalities are made, changed and influenced by daily interactions and by events encountered, this shapes everyone. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby will be seen to be influenced by his relationship with Dan Cody from whom he gains his lifestyle from, Nick Caraway from whom he gains trust from and Daisy Buchanan to whom he has to thank for his persistent hope.

Firstly, Jay Gatsby is known for living a luxurious lifestyle as a millionaire, although he was not always so prosperous in wealth, he takes on the eccentric lifestyle from his rich mentor Dan Cody. For example, after young James Gatz was taken in by Dan, Fitzgerald narrates, “young Gatz, resting on his oars and looking up at the railed deck, that yacht represented all the beauty and glamor in the world” (Fitzgerald, 106). He gave Gatsby the drive to make money and be happy the rest of his life. In another instance, In contrast to most characters throughout the novel Jay Gatsby does not drink, Fitzgerald narrates “It was indirectly due to Cody that Gatsby drank so little. Sometimes in the course of gay parties women used to rub champagne into his hair; for himself he formed the habit of letting liquor alone.” (85) Its seen that Dan Cody is an alcoholic and this leads him to his death, and for because of this his lifestyle dictates he leaves alcohol alone. Moreover, while at sea Fitzgerald narrates “An instinct toward his future glory had led him [Dan Cody]”. (120) from this Dan instills the Lifestyle of always looking towards the future and gaining more and more worldly materials and wealth. Indeed, we see Dan Cody had an unquestionably major role of influence on Gatsby’s life, as this is the man Gatsby fashioned his life after.

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Furthermore, Ironically Gatsby stands for everything Nick Caraway stands against, however Nick is drawn closer to Gatsby’s persona, and Nick creates a sense of trust in Gatsby. For example, At…

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