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Reflective Paper

Description first activity, we were paired In groups of four and asked the following questions In succession: What Is Inclusive practice? What is Integration? Is what the learner does more important than what the teacher does? The next activity was done after viewing DVD learning for living, which is a series of various learners with different learning issues. We were again placed in group of fours and asked to discuss a particular learner. The task involved is to and present to the TLS class. We were given the learner Diane, She has a visual disability.

I observed In the died that, the zoom accessibility function Is set on the computer behind her. Our group came up with the following results for their activity What went well? From the various definitions that were given during the first activity. We had a discussion on, what is inclusive practice? We then came to the conclusion that it means:- Trying to meet the needs of all your learners who may be different but still need to learn regardless of their Disability, learning styles, race, religion, age and sexual orientation.

The next question that was discussed was what Is Integration? Our function of this is that, it is the process were those with differentiation needs come together in a main stream learning environment. We then went onto the final question for this activity which was, is what the learner does more important than what the teacher does? We all agreed that the learner is more important than the teacher and to facilitate better learning. The teacher has to assume the role of a facilitator. On the DVD activity we arrived at the following conclusions Identify needs.

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Through initial assessments Support needs-sensory team Identify what equipment/measures she needs egg readers Adapt practice Based on ten report Use resources I. E. Gold paper for hand-outs, bigger fonts and special reader to magnify fonts Class layout I. E. No direct sunlight and can sit in front of the class To Support Because of her visual impairment, do the following One to one discussion/talk with learner concerning learner needs Be aware of tone due to heighten senses Monitor how the learner react Get and give feedback Why? Inclusive practice is the way to go for effective learning. Differentiation takes a look at the learning styles and learning barriers and tries to match the learning activity to the learner. The teacher then has to consider this in his session plans and adopt it to fit all learning needs. Integration is a new and improved way that learning wants to take. This form of learning means that all learning needs will be considered by the teacher, who needs to facilitate the various learning needs of each learner to suit the learner.

This will only serve to encourage the learners, knowing that the teacher is conscious of their learners needs. The teacher needs to do much less than the learner, rather than have a long boring lecture, the teacher needs to employ earner centered activities that, aide and encourage the learner more. This may also include peer to peer learning activities and group led activities. The DVD showed that it is important to recognize the needs of each learner, so as to be able to identify their needs, then adapt your resources, lesson plans, assessments etc. To meet these needs. In the case of Diane, the group agreed that there is a need to get support staff involved because the expertise needed to adapt practice may be lacking by the teacher. The group also agreed that, getting feedback from Diane was very important s that would make evaluation and implementation of future learning activities easier. Even better if… For my lessons to be more inclusive, in my session plans, I have considered some of my learners and I made some adjustments to my Assessments and lesson plans.

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