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The Ipswich Womens Centre Against Domestic Violence is a women’s rightist community based administration committed to working towards the riddance of domestic and household force throughout the community. The primary focal point of IWCADV is to supply support to adult females and kids subsisters of domestic and household force.

This includes telephone information, referral and support services, tribunal support for adult females, reding services, group work and kids ‘s work. During my placement experience as a adult females ‘s counselor at IWCADV I foremost spent a few hebdomads developing my apprehension of the issues involved in domestic force and the systems that are in topographic point to back up adult females and kids who are subsisters of domestic and household force.

My cognition of the issues impacting adult females and kids sing domestic and household force includes an apprehension of the emotional impacts of maltreatment ( such as feelings of heartache and loss, choler, guilt, depression, injury ) , the loss of personal and physical security, safety concerns, the fiscal costs, household jurisprudence and other legal issues, and power and control instabilities in relationships.

I have developed my cognition of the issues impacting adult females and kids sing domestic and household force in my university surveies and my work experience. The apprehension that I gained from my University surveies was enhanced during my pupil arrangement at the Ipswich Women ‘s Centre Against Domestic Violence.

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It was here that I developed my apprehension of feminist positions on domestic and household force, including the person, familial, legal and societal issues. In this function I was able to develop my apprehension of women’s rightist informed practises and techniques. I support this model for pattern as it can authorise adult females and assist them happen their voice, promoting adult females who have experienced the loss of control to do picks about their ain life and to take duty for their life picks and to take back control. I worked from within a feminist model to authorise the client to happen her voice and to detect her worth and do her ain picks.

In my function as a pupil counselor at IWCADV I provided crisis support and protagonism work to adult females who have experienced domestic and household force. During the get downing guidance Sessionss, I found it was rather hard to ever follow the narrative and put way for the guidance. I took a strengths based narrative attack and normally after 2 -3 Sessionss a clearer image had developed of the client ‘s experience with domestic force, and this continued to blossom throughout the guidance Sessionss.

One of the most personally rewarding facets of my reding experience was the chance to research and see symbol and sand tray therapy. I spent some clip reading Sandplay and Symbol Work – Emotional healing and personal development with kids, striplings and grownups by Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson to fix for my personal experience with symbols and sand tray therapy during my professional supervising Sessionss. I so had the chance to present one of my reding clients to the sand tray. Whilst I did hold feelings of uncertainness about my ability to ease the procedure, I did experience comfy plenty with the scene and with my client to make a safe topographic point for self-discovery and self-awareness. She was really unfastened to the procedure and we both found this to be an gratifying and meaningful experience. My client reported that this was a really positive experience for her and allowed her to treat some of her experiences with domestic force and that it was a discovery for her in footings of larning to accept and value herself. I felt that it was an honor to portion this portion of my client ‘s journey.

With another client who was directed by the Department of Child Safety to go to guidance, puting the way for each session was more hard. I did non believe that this adult female was ready to research some of the emotional issues related to the injury that she had experienced as a consequence of long term domestic force. I was encouraged by her regular attending and I believe that this was a consequence of my increasing ability to develop resonance. I was able to develop good resonance with my clients by being non-judgemental, utilizing unfastened ended inquiries and appropriate organic structure linguistic communication. I believe that my accomplishment in developing resonance is reflected by the feedback and regular attending to reding Sessionss by my clients.

I did battle with stoping the Sessionss on clip and often found that Sessionss with some clients were running over 1.5 hours long. I spoke with some of the other workers at the service about this and they agreed that it could be hard particularly when adult females are researching really painful issues and that it was of import to be sensitive but direct when shuting a guidance session.

The group supervising times that I was included in at IWCADV were besides really honoring and animating times for me. The other workers at the service were all really passionate adult females with a strong committedness to authorising adult females and altering community attitudes about force towards adult females. During group supervising at that place was chance and support for workers to reflect on their ain feelings of desperation and weakness, and at that place was encouragement to widen and portion your cognition and apprehension of the issues associating to domestic and household force. The group times were besides really honoring squad edifice occasions and there is a strong committedness at the service to back uping one another. For illustration, I found that after long phone calls or after a guidance session, another worker would check-in with me to supply any support and to reply any inquiries that I had.

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