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Reference Letter MBA Paper

Since then, she has been consultant for our company XX, LLC working in several Latin American Countries in the area of Operations, Billing and Customer Service. Our company XX, LLC is a telecommunications service provider in the Ignited States and Latin America.

Cane’s job has been challenging introducing a new product into these markets s well as getting the operational results to make the company successful. Jane is a dedicated professional. She works extremely hard at every challenge she faces, and she put the company before herself. She considers the company her own. She is able to contribute not only in her area of her consulting but in every aspect of the day to day operation of the company providing brilliant ideas to improve company performance.

She is highly motivated and energetic and any organization will be lucky to have her in heir team. I highly recommend Jane to pursue her MBA because she will be a great asset for your University. She is constantly trying to improve her skills as well as the welfare of the people she works with, and she always puts in the extra effort to make sure every job is done right, completed on time and surpasses the expectations of our shareholders. Would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Jane. Please contact me at my cell xx-xx- xx. Yours sincerely,

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