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Reexperiencing the world of dentals Paper

It is one of the few spaces that are really worth-pursuing. After all, not all spaces are abounding with specific details that call attention to itself. The space is a seemingly ordinary and common dental clinic; looking at it from the outside will not make anyone ascribe to it any specific value. However, upon entering the premises of the clinic, one can have a dramatic change in his or her senses.

The location where it is situated is very calm and undisturbed. One can hear no sound but the harmonious chirping of birds from the outside. Upon entering the premises of the dental clinic, one can easily notice the cool atmosphere of the clinic. A large part of the clinic is painted with dirty white paint with light shades of brown.

The whole clinic is tiled and made cooler by the white curtains that are found inside it. The smell is also unusually refreshing for a dental clinic. Many people seem to always clamor about the dreadful appearance and smell of dental clinics, making its patients perceive the experience of tooth extraction in a more negative sense. However, the case is different with this dental clinic. With the white curtains blending well with the white tiles of the floor, any patient can well likely relax and not feel nervous as he undergoes whatever dental operation he is supposed to undergo.

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Visiting the dental clinic is surely an enjoyable thing to do because it can make us realize that the physical configuration of a dental clinic can be rearranged in such a way that it contrasts with the usual expectations of it. Many children usually develop a feeling of horror every time the idea of tooth extraction or even the sight of a dental office is presented to them. More often than not, this results to the need to coerce the child just to have his tooth extracted. However, by designing the dental clinic in an alternative fashion, one can also alter the way by which the dental clinic and the experiences within it in are commonly perceived.

Another factor that is important to bring about is the dentist who works in the clinic. He is very cheerful, welcoming all his patients with an inspired smile, displaying his white teeth that seem to suggest the kind of dental services that he can offer. All his dental tools are properly arranged, piled up in a neat order, always ready if ever they will be needed. The dentist also looks very neat, wearing proper attire while inside the clinic. He appears as the general order keeper of that space. The clinic is well-lit, thereby undermining the sense of doom that is usually given to dental clinics.

As a whole, this dental clinic poses itself as an uncommon space where the people who enter it can be introduced to a different, much better atmosphere. By entering this dental clinic, one may not sense exactly being in a dental clinic. One can reexperience the dental world and after which, ascribe to it a new comprehension.

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