” Do you agree ? Agree that disarmament failed mainly due to the role of America . One of the aims of the League Of Nations (LOON) was to promote disarmament to ensure world peace e. Unfortunately , the US did not join the LOON due to its policy of isolationism . This was a big bal owe to the League which was deprived of the strongest country at that point of time .

The us without US , the league was unable to carry out their economic sanctions successfully.

In a edition , it had no Amy to carry out military sanctions . Thus although the LOON advocated cool active security, most nations were unwilling to put their national security under the LOON . In f act, Britain and France saw the LOON as a platform to discuss things and did not take things SE rigorously . Therefore the countries had no faith in disarmament and it failed.

However there are other reasons for the failure of disarmament .

Selfish nation ins that seek to protect their own individual security also led to the failure of disarmament . B retain and France had a huge empire to defend and thus could not afford to disarm , they also f let threatened by unionism Russia and were wary of Germany and Italy becoming a potential threat in Europe. Japan also needed to arm herself to defend against European land grab bibbing Specific .

Another reason for the failure of disarmament is that ambitious and aggressive eve nations like Japan , Italy were unwilling to disarm because of their desire to expand their e empire and include more territories for various reasons Germany felt that the treaty of v resale’s had unfairly stripped her of much.

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Causes Of Failure Of Disarmament
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