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Reasons for the American Revolution Paper

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After the French and Indian War finally ended in 1763, France and England decided to sign a treaty called the Treaty of Paris. In the Treaty of Paris, France had to give England all of Canada and the eastern half of Louisiana. In exchange, they gained control of a few Caribbean sugar islands and two fishing islands along the Canadian coast. Spain gained control of the western half of the Louisiana Territory. Spain also traded Florida in exchange for Cuba. The Mississippi River was left open to all of the nations. England’s victory in the French and Indian War had a great impact on the British Empire. But the cost of the war had greatly enlarged Britain’s debt. Plus, the war caused a lot of hate towards the colonists among English leaders, who were not satisfied with the financial and military help they had received from the colonists during the war. All these factors combined to persuade most of the British leaders that the colonies needed a major reorganization and that the central government should be in London. England first implemented the proclamation of 1763 which prohibited settlement passed the Appalachian Mountains. In 1765 Parliament passed the Quartering Act that said the colonists needed to find or pay for lodging for British soldiers stationed in America. With the French and Indian War over, many colonists saw no need for soldiers to be stationed in the colonies.

The King and Parliament needed to get out of war debt which they mainly blamed on the colonists so they started to tax them. These taxes included the Stamp Act, passed in 1765, which required the use of special paper bearing an embossed tax stamp for all legal documents. Other laws, such as the Townsend Acts, passed in 1767, required the colonists to pay taxes on imported goods like tea. Many colonists felt that they should not pay these taxes, because they were passed in England by Parliament, not by their own colonial governments. The colonists started to re…

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