This sample essay on Reality Tv Research Paper provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Entertainment for some, humiliation for others, new beginnings for some, bad endings for others, dreams turned into reality for some and dreams shattered for others. Reality television on which anything can happen, millions of viewers gripped to their seats, pulses racing ogling at a box. Millions of people they can not all be crazy to watch reality television, or can they? Little did Philo Taylor Farnsworth, the inventor of the television know that one day lazy people who sit in a house all day or people who eat bugs in a jungle will be shown on his invention.

How can reality television be useful? Deviant, destructive and disastrous, what knowledge will viewers gain by watching diabolical fools shouting abuse and using profanity? Teenagers are believed to be influenced by the media very easily, seeing all this negativity it clearly shows what they will gain from it.

weak brained On the other hand, reality television can be seen as educational. Youngsters get to see the real world and different people who all have different personalities.

Reality television teaches youngsters about the real world and the situations that can arise in life. Humans learn by seeing things and experiencing them, everyone must have seen how children want to touch a flame despite the parents shouting, but once the child touches the flame the child never does it again knowing it burns, in the same way teenagers watch reality television and learn from the situations that contestants have to face and apply it to their own lives and consider it while making decisions.

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Also, the contestants who participate in reality television shows are from a broad spectrum of society which enables youngsters to see the behaviour of wealthy and poor alike. However, how can people be sure what they are watching is reality? All they see is what the camera wants them to see and when the camera is on all they see us people wearing masks of disguise, pretending to be someone else for popularity, fame, money and crazy viewers to become obsessed with them. Humans are so pathetic that they sit in front of a box watching the lives of other lame people, who are just acting.

Why call it ‘reality television’ when people are acting? Theatres are made to watch people act, why watch shameless people act on what is supposed to be called reality television? In contrast to this, reality television is full of entertainment. In this modern world with all the stress from grumpy managers and resentful co-workers, entertainment is necessary and if people can be relieved from a tough day at work, by seeing the humiliation of other people who themselves chose to enter the show, then what is the harm?

Adding on, youngsters who instead of causing crime and irritating old people on streets, enjoy watching reality television and enjoy the embarrassment of other people then what is the harm? However it can be argued that those ordinary people, who like many others, dream high however get disgraced and degraded in front of millions of people which immediately knocks down their confidence. Reality television is derogatory which has a negative effect on the contestants. Reality television acts as a catalyst to defame and suppress personality characteristics of the participants. Nevertheless, reality television benefits contestants despite the derogatory behaviour, due to reality television shows contestants are able to express themselves which relieves their emotional trauma and catharsis.

Moreover it helps contestants build positive relations with others and living in a different lifestyle helps them appreciate their own lifestyle and helps them to improve it. In Celebrity Big Brother 2007, millions of viewers witnessed the famous racial row between the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and English celebrity Jade Goody however, after the row Shilpa and Jade became friends and held no grudges against each other which shows that despite the controversy the contestants experienced they learnt to resolve the problems amicably.

However, reality television shows send a bad message and fixation on instant celebrities. Shows like Big Brother suggest that anyone can become famous by participating on a reality television show and lounging around in a house all day shouting abuse without working hard or having any particular talent at all. Youngsters who watch these shows will assume that education is not important and that they do not need to study hard in school or train hard for a regular job.

Producers of reality television shows themselves earn thousands of pounds however they show influential shows which influence others in a negative way and make them loose out on education, is this right? It can be argued that we believe in freedom and free speech. In this modern day society many people do a variety of things and fairly speaking, they all have a right to do anything they want as long as they abide the law. Moreover, it can be said that millions of viewers watch reality television and we have to accept reality television as an expression of popular and democratic taste.

Adding on, nobody is compelled to appear in reality television or indeed watch it. Many people argue that reality television shows are a bad influence but no one forces people to watch it, everyone has the right to pick up their remote control and switch the television off or change the channel. A study found that in the year 2000, 70% of the population watched reality television occasionally or on a regular basis, so is it fair for a minority of reality television haters to stop the huge minority of people from watching the shows that they are crazy for?

In contrast, the show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ which last year on September 9th had 3. 22 million viewers tuned in, some groaning and moaning at the girls they dislike and some admiring the beauty of the model with the slender waist. The show on which many female contestants enter, exposing their beauty and skills to the viewers and craving to impress the judges with their bony bodies and fresh faces. However, shows like this promote being skinny and attractive and contribute to eating disorders like anorexia within teenage girls.

About ninety percent of those who are known to develop anorexia are female, why? Because girls feel pressurized to be thin by shows like ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and feel that the only way that they will look attractive is by having the characteristics of the models on television. Millions of people can not all be crazy watching reality television, or can they? There are many reasons for watching reality television, some people watch it simply for a laugh to cheer them up, and others watch reality television to admire the beauty of the models and celebrities. However is this all really harmless fun?

Teenage girls are becoming influenced by the television and are turning as skinny as sticks, other contestants are completely embarrassed to try something new again due to the insults they received from the strict judges and the taunts and mockery from other people. Nothing in the world is ever perfect; some people love something into to bits while others feel sick at the name of it. The same principal applies to reality television, while some viewers sit all day enjoying themselves watching the humiliation of others there are some viewers who rage with anger while reading the name of a reality television show listed on the television guide.

The producers make a huge amount of money from reality television shows, the contestants become famous and the viewers get entertained, everyone is happy. However on the other hand, swearing and violence are shown, teenagers get influenced by all the negativity and many youngsters become lazy in school due to the image in some shows which suggests that no talent is needed to become famous.

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