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Reading Autobiography Paper

Books are a large part of my life. I have always had many opportunities to read and they have all been positive experiences. These experiences include my teachers and my parents and how they have always showed and encouraged me to read and XXXXXXX. My earliest memory of reading was when I was in kindergarten and I would pretend to play school and I would sit my dolls around me while I read them a story by looking at the pictures because I was unable to read the words. My mom would also take me to the library and check out books and join the story time that was offered for children.

I remember having a very large bookcase at home that was filled with my own books that I would get to choose from each night for my mom to read bedtime stories to me. I loved books that rhymed because I felt like I was able to read when my mom would read the sentence and I could finish it because I knew the rhyming word. As I learned to read, my mom always had books that I could read and I remember that she would always let me order books from the school book order. I had a wide range of genres and also had a subscription to zoo books magazine.

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In school, I always remember my elementary teachers encouraging students to read and providing lots of opportunities to read by having a large classroom library that we could check out books and take home, having read-a-thons, book reports, and reader theaters. I feel like my teachers had a belief that if students were exposed to books in all sorts of aspects, it would encourage them to read. I feel like all of my teachers were XXXX and never felt any negativity about reading. In high school, I developed into a better reader by being challenged to read more difficult books, poems, essays, and analyze more of what was being read.

I feel like this prepared me for the real world and college but being an elementary teacher, I am going all the way back to what I learned and read in elementary school and now applying that to my students in my classroom. I love reading for enjoyment whenever I get the chance. I love all genres still and I still love reading children’s books. I even have many of my own childhood books in my classroom library that I read to my students and tell them that this was mine when I was their age. They always get a kick out of it! From these experiences, I have developed a love for literature.

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