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Re Organization and Layoffs Solutions Paper Paper

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With this displacement, it has led to problems such as homelessness, depression, murder, suicide, broken families, and much more. Our group has put their heads together to come up with creative ways to cut down on many Of the problems that occur from being displaced. TWO potential creative solutions that were selected were giving a thirty-day notice to all employees, and put in place an outreach program to assist in coping better With the situation. If employees are displaced for any reason whether the fault of their own or the business, they should be informed, with a thirty-day notice.

No employee regardless of the situation should be displaced from their jobs and possibly from their homes and families. Many people go through situations that may cause them to not work up to their potential or they may have gotten distracted because of life itself. No one should have to suffer because of this. Providing outreach services to displaced employees is very important. One good solution could possibly be that companies have designated personnel for this task, also that these personnel hue training. This training would involve some types of different aspects of the layoff of the employee.

What the training should include? HOW to handle emotional people, and any precautions that are taken when this occurs. The training is vital along with having reoccurring refresher training resources. Having the correct people delivering the message is important. Everyone is human and no matter how much training a person has attended, there are still human error and communication issues. It isn’t easy being perfect, and no one is completely perfect. Terminating an employee is one of the most difficult task for a manager.

Training is going to be the best thing you can do for those situations, Another investment in making the termination process less painful and hectic is it the companies have third parties present at he time of termination, Get the union involved. The benefits the union may ask tort and the company may consider may be beneficial to displaced employees. Many employees are not knowledgeable of the benefits package they are entitled to under the union contract This could possibly benefit all and have a good outcome and impact, The outreach program would also consist of counseling for the persons affected, their families, and co-workers.

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