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“razor sharp” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “razor sharp”

This is a book about different, morally and spiritually, people about how their fate. They are different in origin, education, education. They have a different philosophy of life. Who are they? What do they want out of life?

The first (most of them) tried to live according to the laws and regulations of the world in which they sought to enter, and in which they are joined to its satisfaction. They spent their lives in vain for execution of foreign whims, desires, on entertainment, not bringing any benefit to society. While having a good heart, and not entirely spoiled soul, they give their instincts, their sensual desires, for a moment, a fleeting pleasure. In the given situation using their outstanding abilities and innate talents of all of them might have been different.

The second (a lot of them) could not or did not seek to break the bonds of their habitual with the birth of society, full of luxury and pleasures of the world . They have learned, they can, as their environment that requires them to suppress their true feelings and emotions. They do not want to shocks, they want power, and arranged a carefree existence. A life of luxury and idleness, deceiving themselves and others specious, false boards feelings are more important than real happiness, but without a high position in society, and all that is attached to it.

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Third, (very few) matured early, or never growing up, have chosen their way of life, not paying attention to the incomprehension and disapproval of society, family, loved ones, looking for the meaning of life in hardship, wandering and wandering around the world. They devote ourselves entirely to the spiritual beginning, asceticism, taming the flesh tend to self-improvement of the road – to the divine. They are ready to surrender, ready to suffer and endure pain and suffering, to attain enlightenment mind, cleansing the spirit, open sense of the universe.

These different disparate life priorities and outlook, a different fate …

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