Stakeholders Of Oxfam Ranking Issue

On a priority ranking scale, I strongly believe that the donors and customers are the second most priority. The reason being is that the customers/ donors in my opinion are the foundation of Oxfam. The explanation is that without these 2 stakeholders Oxfam would find it quite difficult to operate, as firstly they would have no funds, and secondly due to lack of funds, the work they do would be limited. Lastly the impact that these 2 stakeholders embrace is too much for them not to be the priority stakeholder in Oxfam.

Who Are Oxfam’s Stakeholders

This opinion is justified in the Oxfam annual report which clearly shows that funds raised from donors/ customer(Who contribute a form of donations) is ? 4 million higher than the previous year. The reason why I have placed these 2 stakeholders together is because they share the same common interest to donate in some form to Oxfam; by doing this they are working together as 2 stakeholders to impact Oxfam positively.

The Volunteers/Employees On a priority ranking scale I place volunteers/employees third on the scale.

The reason being is that I do not believe their influence is great enough to match the people in poverty, and the customers and donors. Without these 2 groups of stakeholders, volunteers/employees would have no purpose to even work for Oxfam. The Oxfam website indicates that all projects undertaken are all achievable due to those that work with Oxfam. Furthermore I have decided that Volunteers and employee’s have a link with donors and customers as they both share a common view.

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This view being that they both confer towards Oxfam in ethical and moral ways. They both work together to contribute to make a “Greater” impact. One of the main opposing interests is that volunteers/employees feel they should be treated as more valuable due to the amount of time they contribute to Oxfam. Oxfam resolves this issue by asking if all customers/ Donors would be interested in becoming a volunteer or employee to Oxfam. This then increases the amount of volunteers/ employees who work for Oxfam.

Supermarket Chains On a priority ranking scale, I place supermarket chains fourth. The motive being that my personal believe is that despite sponsoring Oxfam morally, I still believe the only reason they do so is for publicity reasons, resulting in more sales. My personal opinion is that they use Oxfam as a catalyst for their own good, and to cover this they give small donations irregularly. As stakeholders I would link them with the donors and customers.

The reason being is that supermarket chains raise the reputation of Oxfam by because they use their activities to advertise products and services. I strongly believe it is highly likely that the customers/donors would have noticed these advertisements and decided to donate and buy from Oxfam. People in Poverty On a priority ranking scale I place this stakeholder at number one. The reason being is that the people in poverty are the instigation for why Oxfam exist and the motive for the work they do.

There interests conflict with other stakeholders, but positively. Due to unfortunate events these people in poverty lack food, water, shelter, education etc, and it is these interests of the people which stimulate other stakeholders to greaten what they do to help. As it is a charity all the majority stakeholders hold the same interest , this allows the work of Oxfam to be completed efficiently and successfully, rather than working against each other , the work with each other to make the main aim and objective “Making a greater impact” a success.

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Stakeholders Of Oxfam Ranking Issue
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