Ramses Was One of the Most Successful Pharaohs

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Ramses the 2nd ruled for about 70 years. He was the third Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty. Ramses the 2nd always fought for more terrority in Africa, Asia, Asia Minor and Arab Countries. Ramses had declared a war on the Hitties, of the Asia Minor and Northern Asia. Hitties were strong warriors and very technologically advanced.

The longest war was fought in 1274 @ Kadesh. ( Pharaoh 2 (Ramses) ).Ramses the 2nd ruled during the new kingdom, which reigned from 1550-1070 B.C.E. Living in the new kingdom he dispersed his power very far, making his nation the strongest of the ancient world.

He was wed to over 100 wives and fathered over 90 children.

Archeologists who searched his tomb found him to be very colorful. (Page 68 of the history text – book). Ramses was very cocky in a sense he wanted to prove to the people that he was very heroic and very valiant. He did this I believe to make the crowd love him. Crowds love victories, and if you were victorious then you would be loved.

Scholars sought to call him “Ramses the Great” because he was so into himself. ( page 68 ).Ramses was one of the most successful Pharaoh’s in the sense that he would build such massive temples for not many reasons but just to honor the gods and to have him seen as such a glorious ruler.

Ramses 2nd has a very big nose, which comes from the “rameside” kings. Ramses, the warrior he was even gave diplomacy a chance making thefirst NAP or Non Aggression Act.

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Which means that they signed a treaty saying, simply they will show no aggression towards each other and to give support if being attacked by enemies.

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Ramses Was One of the Most Successful Pharaohs
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