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Race In Things Fall Apart Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Things Fall Apart

Racism has existed throughout human history. It is the belief that all members of each race share biologically transmitted traits that many people consider important. it is also distinguished as being inferior or superior to another race, or races. Race and ethnicity is created by society. Our society is defined by having a certain set of physical characteristics in order to be a member of a given race. Originally all humans in the world belonged to one of the other of these pure races. The United States is a country that is as racially and ethnically diverse as any in the world. The members of the U.S. society consider racial differences more important than people of many other countries. In the United States since its early history, Native Americans, Africans and Europeans were considered to belong to different races. The importance and meanings of race differ from place to place, and also change over time.

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The novel “Things Fall Apart,” written by a nigerian author; Chinua Achebe, tells the story of a Nigerian tribe being colonized by the British. This novel largely serves as a response to racist stereotypes of Africans. Throughout the book, the Igbo people are colonized and their culture is then taken over by the british. Okonkwo, in the story, was very well known throughout the 9 villages. He brought honor to the village. Unfortunately, Okonkwo killed himself at the end of the book, which made things “fall apart.” He wanted to keep himself tied to his religion and his beliefs, and not forget his culture. Committing suicide was a way for him to rebel against the norm of the Christian society. Okonkwo would see himself and his tribe as failing. He thought his tribe became weak, and will no longer be able to fight its enemies. And so, he killed himself because he would rather die than live in a world ruled by white men. The village was not ready to adapt to the changes that were coming, which was the most difficult adjustment…

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Race In Things Fall Apart

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