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Racism In America Essay Paper

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Racism in America is a product and result of European Colonization; using race and religion as a justification for segregation. The European colonization happened because of the need for land due to the lack of resources in Europe, and for a faster route to Asia to get gold and spices. Europeans also colonized America to spread the religion of Christianity. For example, many groups of colonist came to the Americas for the right to practice their religion without persecution. The colonies also provided new markets for English products and important raw materials for English industries.

The Europeans colonization had a bad effect on the Native Americans due to the decrease in the Native American population because of war and diseases the Europeans brought with them. They also lost their land and were conquered by the Europeans. For example, Europeans exploring and settling North America In the 16th and 17th centuries brought smallpox, measles and influenza, diseases usually associated with domesticated livestock. Native Americans were better health than Europeans did not keep livestock and had no immunity to these diseases. Warfare between the Native Americans and Europeans lasted for almost 300 years. Before the Europeans settlement ,the Native Americans population went down to about 250,000. 10% of the population died from violence, torture, and the hardships of being forcibly relocated. Many were also sold into slavery.

Racism In America Essay

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After taking land and conquering Native Americans, Europeans traded finished products for African slaves to work the land for profit. Over 10 million enslaved African Americans were brought to the Americas in the Atlantic Slave Trade. Enslaved Africans endured terrible conditions on the Middle Passage Journey. For example, in the movie Amistad they were whipped, chained up, and thrown around. A woman had a baby on the boat during a storm and died after because of the unsanitary environment. They were thrown overboard …

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