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Race Paper

Test is an examination which evaluates associations among notions by measuring how rapidly individuals can classify for instance, decent and moral words with people appearing as Angles compared to African Americans. The test evaluates strong points of instinctive connotations which people have in their minds. In taking the online test I discovered my responses were more rapidly when associating positive words with names of European faces versus African Americans.

Furthermore, my scores propose a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American. The results were a bit unforeseen and it definitely exposes associations that are different than my conscious beliefs. Perhaps due to the intensity correlating both perceptions in memory hence, the more rapidly I was able to catalogue words into those harmonize classifications.

The test itself did not require much thought however, it was interesting as the brain was accustom to first round which associate good with the left hand side and black faces then linking the right side to bad or negative connotations and white faces. When the black and white faces changed the course of operation it appears that I still wanted to associate the feet with good and the two index fingers seemed to and maintain the original tapping pattern of ‘I’ and the ‘e’ keys on the control panel responding to what was required on the screen.

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Overall, the exercise was a good tool, interesting and I plan to use the outcomes as an opportunity for self-reflection and examination. It is somewhat evident how implicit relations affect ones decisions and behaviors and conceivably individuals are influence by using a quantity of variables.

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