Richly decorated medieval manuscripts are described as ___.

Medieval pilgrims traveled to a cathedral to see ___.

Pointed arches are found in ___.
Gothic style architecture.

___ describes the culture that gave rise to Romanesque architecture.

Who described the cosmos as an intricately arranged hierarchy?

The best example of early Gothic style architecture is found in ___.

In medieval literature, “romance” is most closely associated with…
Stories of King Arthur

___ are medieval dramas that narrate the life of a local saint.

Miracle plays

The “Great Chain of Being” illustrates which important idea in late medieval culture?

Historians date the Dark Ages after…
476 A.D.

Historians have recently explored the possibility that ___ contributed to the collapse and fall of the Roman Empire.
Lead poisoning

___ wrote a spiritual autobiography called “Confessions.”

The term “three estates” refers to…
the hierarchy of medieval culture – peasants, clergy, and nobles.

The early spreading of Islam could be considered ___ and ___.
rapid and violent

Charlemagne valued _____ in Europe during the Middle Ages.

learning and education

Despite the authority of the medieval Catholic Church, there was a great amount of ___ in medieval literature.

Western culture in the Middle Ages was formed from a combination of _______.
Classical and Christian influences.

The French term for the Virgin Mary is…
Notre Dame

Gothic cathedrals were considerably ___ than Romanesque cathedrals.

___ was the first church leader to claim Petrine authority.
Gregory the Great

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