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Questions on Plato’s Republic Paper

Bearing in mind that a certain form of hierarchy has evolved into being in every sort of society known the man, the concept of the state is not something most people seem to criticize. The idea that a central body has control over a substantial amount of people because of its superiority in terms of education, intellect or experience, is however not enough to satisfy my questions.

The problem with democracy is that everyone is given an equal vote, irrespective of whether or not they are a stakeholder or not, or have the intelligence or knowledge to make smart decisions. Within the status quo, we see democracy being upheld and held sacrosanct by almost everyone, but it too has its failures. If within a representative democracy the common man is assumed to be smart enough to elect the right candidate to rule the country, then the idea that the common man is not smart enough to make decisions for himself is completely ignored. If we are assumed to be of sound state of mind and with reasonable intelligence enough for us to select someone to rule us, then why are we not smart enough to know how to make decisions for ourselves, uphold peace, and do everything the state does on an individual level circumventing the entire process of the selection of the state? If the possibility of evil doers and criminals is acknowledged, and the idea of how the state and its legislative and law enforcement bodies are the only ones capable enough to protect us from these individuals because these bodies are the only ones that can be trusted to make sound decisions comes into play, then the fact of the matter is it is that WE are the ones who have elected them in the first place. All of these statesmen have been at one point in time, a part of us. If the civilians are trusted to make sound decisions about their leaders, then I wonder why Donald Trump has won over Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. It is hence, extremely possible for democracy to resu…

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