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Pursuing the American Dream in a Time of Change Paper

Marquis the author of the essay on Cather’s “Neighbor Rosicky”, interprets the short story as depicting Cather’s view of the value of physical work in the early 1900’s. Marquis believes that Cather holds up Rosicky, the main character and a farmer, as a positive example of what it meant to be pursuing the American dream in a time of change to industrialization from agriculture. Rosicky’s lifelong hard work led to his failing health, but it also enabled him to support his family and be independent. Even near death he choose to work to better his family with little regard for his own health.

Essentially, this literary criticism is about how Rosicky is a good example of the American dream. Another point to add is Rosicky’s body showed off what the American dream is. He was an immigrant who came to American to be able to have a better life for his family. When he came to America he settled in Nebraska to do farm work. Even though he had a heart problem it didn’t stop him from working. His body was proof that that is what the American life is. Farming was able to support his family and supporting your family is the American dream. The critic wants us to know that It’s possible to achieve the American dream no matter the challenges put in front of them. Another main point is that Rosicky is a self- made man and he doesn’t like to ask for help because it takes away his manhood.

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Throughout the literary criticism it’s easy to see the critics claim and the evidence to back it up. Before we are introduced to the thesis the critic gives us an overview of what going to be talked about in the paper. This criticism makes an important contribution to our understanding of how Rosicky is an example of the American dream. Evidence for in support of this position can be found in the criticism by Marquis, particularly when she says “ The fact that he “ couldn’t enjoy [his] life and put it into the bank, too (Cather, 1932, p.15)…

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