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Puritan Poetry

Anne Bradstreet wrote
To My Dear and Loving Husband and Upon the Burning of Our House

“Huswifery” was written by
Edward Taylor

The speaker claims at the beginning of “To My Dear and Loving Husband”
that her relationship is the best that there ever was

Comparison of two unlike things NOT using like or as

The last lines of “To My Dear and Loving Husband reveal the speaker’s . . .
strong belief in eternal life and God

“mold’ring dust” from “Upon the Burning of Our House” shows . . .
the speaker’s belief that faith in God is more important than earthly possessions [material items]

What type of figurative language does the poet of “Huswifery” use relay the main message of his poem?
Metaphor that compares practicing faith to making cloth

Anne Bradstreet and Taylor use their poetry to express the view that . . .
God does not desert people [strong faith that characterizes Puritans

Possible Open Response
What does the speaker learn from the fire in the poem “Upon the Burning of Our House”

Possible Open Response -2
What parts of life does the speaker in “Huswifery” want God to influence?

Possible Open Response -3
Which poem uses all four kinds of figurative language? Explain one example of each kind of figurative language from the poem.

Possible Open Response -4
Explain why elements from both of Bradstreet’s poems still apply to people today

Possible Open Response -5
Challenge Compare the ideas in all three poems to identify a view of God that both Bradstreet and Taylor convey. Use examples from each poem to support your response.

What does the personification in lines 8-10 of “Upon the Burning of Our House” reveal about the speaker?
She prays to God in time of trouble

The “hope and treasure” that the speaker refers to at the end of “Upon the Burning of Our House” represent
eternal life and happiness from faith in God

archaic language is
old-fashioned / out of date language
some examples are: thee, thou, art, ye, shalt . . .

The BIG Question for this section is
What do you value most?

________ was the first notable American poet
Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet’s poetry relied heavily on her faith and she most wrote about . . . (three things)
her husband, eight children, and her house

No matter how trivial, all of Bradstreet’s poems . . .
carry a divine message; everything that happened (good or bad / blessing or loss) happened for a reason [God’s will] and an opportunity for spiritual growth.

a figure or speech in which an animal, object, or idea is given human characteristics

inverted syntax
sentence structure in which the expected order of words is reversed

To create imagery and communicate ideas beyond the literal meaning of words, an author may use
figurative language

(examples: personification, hyperbole, metaphor, biblical allusions, and extended metaphor)

Huswifery means

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