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Public Opinion Supports Gun Control Paper

Public Opinion Supports Gun Rights Stillwater, K – Recently, National Rifle Association-Institution for Legislative Action (NEAR-ILL) had focused on a problem of gun rights and right to carry (ROTC). By the way, NEAR had tracked some solid polls which strongly show the stability in public opinion on supporting gun rights. According to the survey from Pew Research Center in April 2012, it shows that solid majority American people are supporting right to own guns than control ownership recently. The chart (see chart) obviously show that the different between protect the right of American to own guns and control gun ownership.

In fact, people who support control gun ownership used to be higher (58%) than right to own guns (37%) in 2008. However, people who support to right to own gun increased each year from 2008 until present. And obviously, people who agree to control gun ownership were decreasing recently. In 2012, people who support that the right of Americans to own guns had increased from 37% to 49% which is a clear improvement; while people who stand on the control gun ownership had decreased from 58% to 45%.

The statistic shows that people who agree to the right to own guns may keep increasing and people who support control gun wineries will keep decreasing. On the other hand, people who unsure to both case are remaining under 10% in these few years. Stated in the study from NEAR-ILL, citizen of America believe that self-defense is a fundamental right. They believe that carrying an arm is protecting themselves from criminal. In fact, from the research of economist John Lott and David Mustard, they said that the ROTC had reduced when state concealed handgun laws when into effect in a country.

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Some solid data state that murders fell by 8. 5%, rapes fell by % and aggravated assaults fell by 7%. Also, NEAR-ILL also shows some results from a Just released Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey which is solidly supporting the right to own a gun as following: 50% of Americans do not agree to stricter gun control laws 69% of adults in America do not agree that city governments have the right to prevent citizens to own a gun 71% of Americans believe that U.

S. Constitution guarantees the right to own a gun 63% of the voters support the Second Amendment which grated the right to own a gun to self-defense by the Supreme Court’s landmark District of Columbia v. Heeler decision Some tracking polls also show the agreement of gun control as following: Time Poll conducted by Bat SARI in June 2011 states that 37% of Americas strongly agree that state and local governments are not allowed to ban handguns and concealed weapons.

However, 23% of Americans show somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, 23%strongly disagree and 2% unsure BBC News/ Washington Post Poll in January 2011 show that 67% of Americas oppose to the law which requiring a nationwide ban on the sale of handguns, except to law enforcement officers. Only 31% of the people are supporting the law and only 2% of them are unsure. From both of the polls above, it provide a solid data which how citizen of America support on the right to own a gun.

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