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Guido Orefice. the chief character from ‘La Vita E Bella. ’ is a really optimistic individual. He works for his uncle in a hotel in Italy. He keeps knocking into a lady. whom he considers to be his princess. Principessa Dora. Guido does many things and takes many hazards merely to see Dora. So they fall in love with each other and acquire married. They have a male child name Joshua. Their life is really great until the Nazis semen and take them all off to a concentration cantonment.

On that really same twenty-four hours it is Joshua’s seventh birthday. Guido says that he has planned a birthday surprise and that they are traveling to a fun topographic point to play fun games. Guido tells his boy that he needs to be quiet and make what the guards say while the grownups travel and play games. He besides said that every game they win and for every clip they do something right they get a certain figure of points.

The first individual to win 1. 000 points gets a existent armored combat vehicle. Joshua truly wants it so he does what he is told to.

In the terminal. Joshua is a adult adult male and you hear him say. “This is my narrative. This was the forfeit my male parent made. This was his gift to me. ”

Erik Erikson identified eight psychosocial phases during which an individual’s primary end is to fulfill desires associated with congenital societal demands. He hypothesized that from babyhood through maturity.

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we proceeds through these phases. each of which is related to a different job that needs to be resolved. If the possible job is dealt with successfully it will ensue in a positive personality trait. If non cover with decently he or she may go dying. disquieted. or troubled and develop societal and personality jobs. Guido has gone through every phase with a successful consequence. He has trust. liberty. inaugural. industry. individuality and familiarity. Generativity versus stagnancy is the Phase 7 job. So far. Guido is tilting towards generativity. but it could alter. If Guido had remained alive boulder clay Stage 8. he would hold unity alternatively of desperation.

Sigmund Freud hypothesized five psychosexual phases during which a child’s primary end is to fulfill desires associated with unconditioned biological demands. Freud believed that the interactions between parent and kid greatly influenced the child’s societal development and future societal interactions. Guido is presently in the venereal phase. the last phase that lasts from pubescence through maturity. It is the clip when an person has renewed sexual desires that he or she seeks to carry through through relationships. Guido must hold had a job during the unwritten phase so hence he had an unwritten arrested development. Guido loves to speak and do people laugh. that is how we figure that out.

Lawrence Kohlberg developed a theory to explicate moral development. His theory had some similar characteristics to the other analysts. He classified moral concluding into 3 degrees. pre-conventional. conventional. and post-conventional. The three degrees are each divided into two phases. Besides. he suggested that everyone progresses through the degrees in order. from lowest to highest. Not many people make it to the higher phases of moral development. Guido is considered to be in Stage 3 because his married woman and his boy steer his moral determinations. Guido can understand the actions and talk of Phase 4 where moral logical thinking is determined most by corroborating Torahs of society.

Abraham Maslow was interested in human motives. particularly in how worlds go about taking which biological or societal demands to fulfill. He proposed the hierarchy of demands. It is an go uping order with biological demands at the underside and societal demands at top. This shows that we foremost satisfy our biological demands before societal 1s. Before the Nazis came and took Guido and his household off. Guido was on the highest degree. the degree of Self-Actualization. It involves developing and making our full potency as a alone human being. When he was in the concentration cantonment. his whole hierarchy of demands started all over once more and he was back at degree one. When he was shooting he was still at degree one because he had no protection and injury.

Carl Rogers had a personality theory that was frequently called the self-theory because of his accent on the ‘self. ’ Our society besides leads us astray with conditions of worth. As we grow up. our parents. instructors. equals. the media. and others. merely give us what we need when we show we are “worthy. ” instead than merely because we need it. We get a drink when we finish our category. we get something sweet when we finish our veggies. and most significantly. we get love and fondness if and merely if we behave. These actions of merely acquiring positive respect on status are called conditional positive respect. Because we do so necessitate positive respect. these conditions are really powerful. and we bend ourselves into a form determined by a society that may or may non genuinely hold our best involvements at bosom. A good small male child or miss may non be a healthy or happy male child or miss.

Over clip. this “conditioning” leads us to hold conditional positive dignity as good. We begin to wish ourselves merely if we meet up with the criterions others have applied to us. instead than if we are genuinely realizing our potencies. And since these criterions were created without maintaining each person in head. more frequently than non we find ourselves unable to run into them. and hence unable to keep any sense of self-pride. Guido had unconditioned positive respect and unconditioned positive dignity. This is the antonym of what is above. Guido was loved no affair what happened and he loved himself because of that. He did non maintain and high ends and was ever happy and had a high self-pride.

The last. and likely the most elaborate analysis of Guido’s personality would be Myers-Briggs. Harmonizing to the Myers-Briggs trial. Guido is an ENFP. This stands for Extrovert. Intuitive. Feeling. and Perceiving. ENFPs want to both aid and be liked and admired by other people. on an person and a human-centered degree. They have a big sum of passionate appeal. They are surpassing. merriment. and truly like people. They are warm. affectionate. and disconcertingly self-generated. However. their attending span can be short. ENFPs are easy intrigued and distracted by new friends and familiarities. burying about the older 1s. ENFPs are pleasant. easygoing. and normally fun to work with. They come up with great thoughts. and are a major plus in brainstorming Sessionss. Follow-through tends to be a job because they get world-weary rapidly. particularly if a newer. more interesting undertaking comes along. They besides tend to be postponers. both about run intoing difficult deadlines and about executing any little. uninteresting undertakings that they’ve been assigned. Guido meets about all of the traits of an ENFP.

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