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Psychology Essay

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This paper example reveals the main arguments and ideas related to Psychology. Read more about Cognitive Psychology in this essay.

Those that are Environmental-mold traits and those that reflect hereditary factors, Constitutional traits. Dynamic traits ‘spring from’ either heredity or environment but not both. Erg An erg may be defined as an innate psychophysical disposition which permits its possessor to acquire reactivity (to attend) to certain classes of objects more readily than others, to experience a specific emotion there from, and to enter on activity which ceases more completely at the attainment of one specific goal than at other goals.

The goals satisfactions may be defined either externally by the particular relation between the organism and an environmental situation, or internally, by some physiological condition. Chattel, 1941 General Psychology. The term ‘erg’ is used instead of drives because the latter term involves several assumptions about ‘instincts’ etc. , whereas the Eric patterns are experimentally demonstrable. However, in popular terms an erg is a drive or source of reactive energy. (K. Barton, T. E.

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Deadline and R. B. Chattel, 1972) Oregon -? ‘work’ He originally identified 10 ergs Food seeking (Hunger) Mating (Sex) Gregariousness Parental Protectiveness (Protection) Exploration (Curiosity) Escape to sec ritzy (Security) Self-assertion Narcissistic sex (Sex) Pugnacity (Anger) Acquisitiveness He later modified these, changed their description and added: Appeal Disgust Self-submission All are born with these ergs but how naturally strong each of these ergs are differ from person to person.

Strength of an Erg Constitutional and hereditary effects (C) personal History (H) Stimulus (S) Physiological condition component (P) Degree of gratification (G) Basically, the strength of an erg can be expressed in the formula: E Meta-ergs A ammeter is an environmentally-molded, dynamic trait. The most important ammeters: Sentiments It is an acquired dynamic trait Structure which causes its possessor to pay attention to certain objects or classes of objects and to feel and react in a certain way with regard to these objects.

Sample Essay on Psychology

Chattel 1950 A sentiment structure is deeper, more widely ramifying in the personality, usually established earlier, and accompanied in its function by more emotion’ Chattel, 1946. It is an environmental-mold source trait because it derives from external social and physical influences. A sentiment is a pattern of learned attitudes that focuses on an important aspect of life, such as person’s community, spouse, occupation, religion, or hobby. Attitudes An attitude is more transient and emotionally more superficial. It arises from the impact of a sentiment upon a particular situation Chattel, 1946.

Chattel defined attitudes as our interests in our and our emotions and behaviors toward some person, object, or event. As Chattel applied the term, it does not refer exclusively to an opinion for or against something, which is a commonplace usage of the word attitude. Substantiations that within the personality some elements subsidiaries, or are subordinate to, other elements. Attitudes are subsidiary to sentiments;” sentiments are subsidiary to ergs. These relationships are expressed by Chattel in what he called the dynamic lattice. Schultz and Schultz 2005 Dynamic Lattice Our motivating forces

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