Prostitution in Nevada

The following example essay on “Prostitution in Nevada” talks about the legalization of prostitution. The author tries to convince us that rostitution should be legalized the Pros outweigh the Cons. It can help reduce crime, improve public health, and increase tax revenue.

Many people make a living by selling themselves. Some of us may think it is wrong, but to each their own. We all do what we want with our bodies and do not Like It when someone tells us to change what we do with It.

Hence, we should stop dictating whether someone can sell leis or her body or not. Prostitution is the oldest profession and will certainly not go away anytime soon. It is not an exchange of sexual favor, but a financial exchange. It takes two consenting adults for the exchange to occur. It is time we stop making decisions for adults. I will be addressing how legalizing prostitution will reduce crime, improve public health, and Increase tax revenue.

Legalizing prostitution will help prostitutes seek for help when harassed rather than feel fear. Melissa Dimmer Coordinator of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects found that under New York Criminal Procedure Law, sex workers who have been victims of sex offenses, including assault and rape, face greater obstacles than other victims.

Associate Professor of Finance at Northeastern State University Kirby Cunning stated”let is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year….

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Linda M, Roll Reaching Director of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Child Custody Pro Bono Project, stated in an Par. 1991,”A study conducted in Queensland… Show[De] a 149% increase In the rate of rape when legal brothels were closed In 1 959, while other offenses against the person by males increased only 49%. ” B. Ronald Wittier Professor of Sociology at George Washington university found that women working in the Netherlands In a controlled and legal environment do not go through danger as much as being in an uncontrolled illegal system.

Workers and managers have instituted elaborate procedures to respond to violent customers quickly and effectively. Giving the prostitutes some sort of safeness. Also the risks in Nevada are very low. We rarely hear about workers being raped because of security. If a case does escalate it is quickly addressed.

Barbara G. Berets Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs, at the university of Nevada, Lass Vegas states there is a strong indication documented analysis and ethnographic data presented that legal brothels generally offers safer working environment than their Illegal counterparts. When customers enter a legitimate business, violence Is almost eradicated, because it is a controlled environment. And minimizing actual violence.

Nevada brothels offer specific mechanisms to protect workers via the ways transactions are organized, the ways technology is ordered, the visibility of customers, the bureaucratic relationships among customers, managers, and workers, and the cooperation with police based on the mere fact of their legality. All of these mechanisms work to eliminate systematic violence and to discourage an atmosphere of danger and risk.

Transition: We have talked about reducing crime , now let’s consider improving public health. II. Improve Public Health A. Prostitutes work outside the law. This has implications for their health that are hard to quantify. Health problems associated with prostitution, such as sexually transmitted diseases (Studs) and violence, are commonly assumed to be risks of the trade.

Beth Gaze Associate Professor of Law at the University of Monish carried out an Australian Australian in 1998, the prevalence of sexually transmitted bacterial infections was 80 times greater in 63 illegal street prostitutes than in 753 of their gal brothel counterparts. In off-street establishments, fear of arrest on felony charges can cause management to discourage the use of condoms, which could be used as evidence that the establishment is in the business of prostitution. Legally sanctioned encouragement of prostitutes to use condoms or access screening services, both major determinants of the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, is impossible because of their illegal status. Occupational health and safety law is applied to prostitutes in lawful brothels but not to their counterparts on the street.

The evidence of the legalized brothel system in Nevada highlights that sex work environments that are legitimated have the effect of empowering sex workers to control their working conditions and interactions with clients.  Sex workers will follow mandatory procedures prior to having sex. This includes routine checkups and protection. Transition: We have talked about improving public health, now let’s consider increasing tax revenue. Ill. Increase Tax Revenue A. Government would collect taxes on the industry. Since the government would collect taxes, they also have the power to control it.

Legal businesses pay taxes, while illegal prostitution businesses pay no taxes.  Let the government share in the revenue, and stay out of the affairs of consenting adults. Conclusion l. Legalizing prostitution will not only be helping a victimless crime will not be a crime anymore, but also improving the life’s of many individuals who risk their life’s trying to make a living. Prostitution is more difficult. I know that there are women who are drawn to the sex industry and entered it voluntarily and get quite upset if others say it is a demeaning occupation…. I also know that many women are not there by hooch.

It offends my sensibilities to know that a 16-year-old girl could physically or psychologically be forced into the sex industry II. Women will not have a great risk of abuse. Individual’s health will not be in danger and tax revenue will increase. Ill. Legalizing prostitution will not harm anyone. However, it will improve some areas. Some people are Just afraid of change and do not like progression. It is time w e move on legalize this victimless crime. If you look at the majority of serial killers, they are doing it outdoors and with the use of their cars.

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