Sickle Cell Anemia Essay

The following sample essay on Sickle Cell Anemia Essay tells about anemia patients.

This Project was inspired by the fatality of the subject in question. Though, many people have heard about this Disease but only a few have the knowledge of the characteristics and the know-how to handle this fragile but deadly blood poison.

I propose to undertake this topic to achieve the following:

To create awareness on the deadliness of the disease to both the General Public and members of the OSU fraternity.

To make available to the General public the comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia by having a general overview of what the symptoms are. To provide the public with the various causes of the disease and the characteristics of the various forms of it that we have.

To explain how it can be effectively managed and suppressed. I hope to achieve all the above by:

Making use of my experience with family member who was affected by this disease and my knowledge of medicine as a student.

Providing a summary and the analysis of research on Sickle Cell Anemia with great comparison on from at least five different but notable medical journals wherein informed and extensive research had been carried out. Interviewing medical staff specialized in diagnosis and treatment as well as dealing with victims of Sickle Cell Anemia. I will be able to gather first hand information on the disease and be in a better-informed position to enlighten the public with my findings, observations and inferences.

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My target beneficiaries of this Project would be Practitioners and the Reading Public.

After this comprehensive and exhaustive report has been put together and made available to the target groups, I would have achieved the following:

A great sense of usefulness to my generation.

A broader spectrum of knowledge of the topic myself and therefore;

Becoming a one-on-one authority on the subject matter and would be able to educate peers, families and most especially the public on the disease.

A more informed community of people with greater sense of responsibility rather than stigma to Sickle Cell anemia patients.

All these I believe make the Project worthwhile and important in the achievement of a world devoid of Sickle Cell Anemia – the silent killer.

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Sickle Cell Anemia Essay
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