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Proof review Essay

Essay Topic:

When Ifirst walked into the theatre I didn't know what to expect.I had done my own personal research on the play beforehand and the play didn't seem that interesting to me.As I entered the stage area I saw a wonderful looking set, complete with the back of a house and a back porch.The music playing was distorted and almost eerie.
The play is about four characters all in their own personal conflict because of a mathematical proof.It's about love and trust.The goal of the production was to tell a story and entertain.
The scenery of the play was excellent down to every detail.It had windows with blinds, and two porch screen doors.The floor had slabs down that looked like dirt for the backyard.Even the chairs and furniture went along with the entire set.
The language of the play was very effective.Some people I know were complaining, but I did not.Your average person in this country curses regularly, especially your average young person.So why take that away from a play which represents real situations.The language also helped show the father and daughter relationship making them look closer.
The lighting was my favorite part of the whole show.You could clearly tell the difference between night and day.The lighting even showed how cold it was on the set.The neat thing to me was the clouds passing over.
The overall success of the play was very positive.I give it a good review because I was wrong about the whole play.I thought the play was about a mathematical proof when it really wasn't at all.It wasn't just completely outstanding when it comes to entertainment but not to the point where I couldn't watch it at all.

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