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Project Vacuum Cleaner Essay

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Paper type: Project

The goal is to build a product that exceeds customers’ expectations of the current market and ultimately to secure more market share. You are given a fixed duration of 12 months to complete the project. Project Deliverables: 1 Develop a project charter (see the chart template) 2 Develop a project plan (see the project plan template). Complete sections a Section 1: Introduction I Org chart of your team

High level was Responsibility matrix iv Resource chart b Section 2: Scope statement only I List your assumptions at a high level c Section 10: Project tracking and control d Other sections are options but highly recommended 3 MS project schedule a Define all relevant activities b Define duration for each task c Define predecessors relationships d Define milestones e Assign resources f Define cost g Identify critical path If possible 4 s-curve a Develop your S Curve using MS Excel b Graph your curve 5 Slide Presentation a You need to do a presentation and explain to the customer what you have done tit the budget and what the customer is getting for that money. Your discussion should revolve around the product not the program management methodology you used. B Make sure you have at least the following 7 slides in your presentation: I Executive summery Project Information at a high level In terms of budget, timeline, scope, resources, methodology items iv Snapshot of your MS project schedule v Product design and features vi Issues/challenges you faced and how you resolved them vii Snapshot of your S-Curve viii Utilize tables, graphics, diagrams, videos, etc.

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