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Pro vs College: Which Football Is Better? Paper

Pro Football versus College Football In America, there is one sport that most American love; football. Football is played throughout the country at the high school, college, and professional levels. With the popularity of the sport growing, more and more people are starting to watch the game of football on television. May it be Saturday watching college or Sunday watching the National Football League (NFL), the sport itself is getting exposure all across the nation. Even the Congress of the United States of America is getting involved with it, regarding the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

With the sport growing so rapidly, which one is better? What is more entertaining? We will take a look at both college and professional football and then we’ll let you decide. In college football, there are a bunch of teams, but in this paper I will just use the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The FBS was formerly known as Division I. As of March 2010, there are 120 teams in the FBS division of college football (National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2010), while the NFL only has 32 teams. With the NFL having less teams, that is less games for people to watch and enjoy.

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Although the NFL has players who were once FBS players, the fact that there are fewer teams in the NFL will allow so many of those FBS players to turn professional and to play. Yes, it’s both football, but there is obviously a difference if only the best players of the FBS are drafted to play in the NFL. The level of play between both leagues is significantly different. If both leagues were the same talent-wise, we’d have a huge professional league. Now there is good and bad teams in the NFL, almost every team can compete for a championship each year at the beginning of the season.

Although both leagues start the same with no wins and no losses, a majority of the FBS teams have no shot of winning the National Championship because of the way the system in the FBS works, as well as the ranking system in itself. Yes, both will crown a champion, but the level of competition and the talent is drastically different. The NFL has the best of the best, while the FBS has the best of the best high school kids throughout the nation. Another thing you have to look at while discussing between the two is that ne league (NFL) gets paid. The FBS (NCAA) does not get paid. They’re amateur athletes who are playing because of a scholarship and they don’t have the luxury of millions of millions of dollars. Is the incentive different when trying to play for money or when you are trying to play for an education? This point only reflects for a majority of the college kids, because the handful that will get drafted in the first round, know they will eventually be getting their paycheck. Does the motivation change? Does money alter the way you play?

We’ve heard many horror stories of professional athletes worth millions of dollars accused of “not playing hard”. Although we both know that everyone plays football because they love it, are their motivations different each game? It’s football either way, but why do so many Americans enjoy the game football? Why do some prefer college over professional and vice versa? The answer to that can be answered differently by many. The differences between the two are endless. One could argue the difference in rankings, the divisions, or even the actual end of season games itself.

At the professional level you have the “Super Bowl” where the best two teams from each conference meet. In college you have the end of year bowl games. The number of bowl games seems to increase each year but only one bowl game crowns the national champion. The one major difference between the two is that not every state is represented on the professional level. Most, not all but most people prefer to cheer for their hometown team. Utah, for example, does not have a professional football team. So many people prefer college over professional football.

In Utah, there is three FBS teams to choose from: Utah, Utah State and Brigham Young University. With the recent success of teams who do not have professional teams in their state, most fans are leaning towards the college game. It’s almost become some sort of pride of your state thing. Now what about the states that have both college and professional teams? That’s where things get a little rocky. But again that’s why there is a vast amount of reasons as to why people even have a reason to pick one or the other. The reasons are just that, vast.

Every person has their own reasoning, some makes sense, and some do not. Although we’ve only covered a few items describing the similarities and differences between college and professional football, every fan will have their favorite. There is no right or wrong answer when asking the question: pro or college? The answers will seem endless. So next time you sit down on the couch and catch a game of football, ask yourself, “What level of football do I prefer? Why? ” Once you do this, you’ll find your answer will most likely be different than the person next to you.

In conclusion, like many things that people have a personal preference on, football will be one of them. You can argue for hours, days, weeks about which is better than the other, but only to the eye of the beholder will there be a right answer. There is one thing that everyone who loves football can agree on though, the sport is enjoyable. We love to play it, watch it, and analyze it. We love the competition, we love the sport itself. If we stick to that mentality, who even really cares which you prefer? Just make sure you don’t ask someone that question who has a preference.

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