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Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Essay Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Abuse

This sample essay on Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Alcohol, drug, depression, sexual behaviour, these jobs are interact by each other which impose an highly negative influence on modern-day young person. Apparently, different states have their ain concrete state of affairs and typical phenomena. In the paper, I would wish to discourse some effectual and utile bar and intercession attacks depending on Hong Kong.

There are different theoretical accounts of intoxicant intervention such as cognitive behaviour theoretical account, medical theoretical account, biopsychosocial attack and so on. Different intervention and intercession program has different focal point and characteristic. Just like instruction plan, a sort of prevalent attack which applied in bar phases, people hold different version.

The instruction plan is uneffective and has non offered utile cognition and accomplishments to chair and cut down the intoxicant ingestion. ( Collins & A ; Keene, 2000 ) . Collins and Keene stated that that “ while degrees of cognition can be increased, supplying information on intoxicant issues and jobs does non take to behavior alteration ” . ( 2000, p.97 ) On the other manus, some research workers think instruction plan is necessary especial in bar phase. Prevention phase are ever related with “ instruction ” , which provide utile information and cognition to alarm people remain off from drugs and assist them do a accurate determination when confronting intoxicant and drugs. ( Akers, 1992 )

Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Besides the instruction plan, cognitive behaviour viewed as an effectual and utile attack.

Cognitive behaviour attack is the most appropriate attack for societal workers. Because in the attack, there are tonss of accomplishments and methods belong to the societal work ‘s repertory and it stress the duty, value, authorization of clients. ( Collins & A ; Keene, 2000 ) .Ray and Ksir ( 1999 ) stated that “ Some behavior-management attacks have accepted controlled imbibing as a desirable result and have attempted to learn methods that will copy intoxicant intake. ” ( P.257 ) . Ray and Ksir argued that behavioural attack can learn clients get bying accomplishments. Some behaviours are taught in bar plans, moreover, healers besides help clients to concentrate on high hazard state of affairs and learn them how to acquire through the hard times. ( 1999 ) .

Gorgulho and Tamendarova figure out a new attack called societal norm selling.they stated that it is a comparatively effectual in diminishing utmost imbibing and it stress on equal norms and force per unit areas. Social norm selling apply assorted formal and informal manner to offer accurate information of imbibing forms to those immature people, which can extinguish misconceptions and cut down utmost drinking. ( 2008 ) . Besides, brief intercession and “ circle of alteration ” theoretical account are mentioned often in many governments. Brief intercessions are suited for immature intoxicant maltreaters because these immature extreme drinkers ever think the intoxicant ingestion is elementary and no necessary to seek aid. Brief intercession can be a critical first measure in intervention since it provides advice, appraisal and referral. ( Gorgulho & A ; Tamendarova, 2008 ) . “ Cycle of alteration ” theoretical account is a practical measure to assist cut down drug maltreatment. It focus on seeking the trigger that lead to drug maltreatment, and understand the hazard state of affairs which can supply effectual backsliding bar schemes and offer self-talk. ( Dominelli,2009 ) . Prevention attack can assist underage adolescence stay manner drugs to some extent. Spruit stressed that traditional bar plan aimed at bettering pupils ‘ behaviour accomplishments such as learning them how to get by with peer force per unit area and do accurate determination. Secondary bar besides called injury decrease, which used by healthy attention sector and societal attention sector ; assist forestall wellness deteriorating in the hereafter. ( 1998 ) .

Beside these effectual and professional theoretical accounts and attacks, societal workers should see the intervention environment and household environment of clients during the whole bar and intercession procedure. To the minor striplings who are alcohol abuser, most of them are vulnerable and down, so they seek solace from intoxicant. When confronting this sort of clients, a safe and trustworthy environment is critical. Muisener argued that when confronting to the clients who have been alcohol abuser or intoxicant victims, societal worker should supply a safe environment. ( as cited in Collins & A ; Keene, 2000, P.103 ) . “ societal workers can smooth relationship -building, particularly in the formation of societal networkers that can give people a feeling of being valued, appreciated and belonging to a broad circle of people. ” ( Dominelli, 2009, p.121 )

Actually, non merely the intervention environment is of import to the adolescents, their household milieus besides influence their behaviour and emotions. Due to tonss of immature drinkers are influenced by household and equal group in school, so school-family plans seem utile and effectual. The plan aimed at bettering the household working to forestall imbibing jobs by household member and adolescence. ( Gorgulho & A ; Tamendarova, 2008 )

The state of affairs in Hong Kong:

Actually, the intoxicant maltreatment job among adolescents in Hong Kong has its ain features such as alone cultural background, public attending, the ground of household and equal influence and so on.

All the clip, intoxicant imbibing is viewed as a prevailing amusement and single life style and has non being viewed as a serious societal job. From my point of position, the intoxicant cultural is playing an of import function in the whole societal activities. Peoples will hold a drink after work to alleviate force per unit area. Peoples besides will imbibe alcoholic drink when some happy events or jubilations go oning. Lou and Shek stated that in Chinese civilization, people ever drink when they meet friends or holding household assemblage. Because these societal -oriented grounds, tonss of adolescents begin to imbibing. ( 2006 ) .

In Hong Kong, the adolescents ‘ intoxicant maltreatment is ever associated with five psychosocial factors. They are academic public presentation, temper, attitude, household attitude and organized condemnable groups engagement. Further, Lou and Shek suggested that intoxicant maltreatment brings about many negative effects to adolescents. The influence include behavioural job such as combat, sexual behaviour after rummy, take parting in offense organisations and so on ; healthy job such as liver or tummy hurting and household struggle. ( 2006 ) . Therefore, the intercession and bar program should be established from the five positions.

My bar and intercession program:

Harmonizing to the specific state of affairs in Hong Kong, I suggest the prevention/ intercession program pay more attending on adolescents ‘ psychological state of affairs, populating and analyzing environment. Because of both of them are the most important elements which influence the hereafter development of adolescence.

At the beginning, although there are tonss of arguments about the effectivity of instruction plan, I still see instruction plan is a critical portion, particularly in the phase of bar. Actually, how to use instruction plan to better adolescents ‘ consciousness is important. The accomplishments, methods, techniques will find whether the plan is effectual or non.

Prevention program:

To those adolescence that ne’er drink intoxicant before, the bar program should concentrate on two parts: instruction and communicating acquisition.

Education plan:

Education plan can supply them current way and utile information. Adolescence is an of import period which imposes a important influence on a individual ‘s whole life. During the period, kids ever full of wonder, and like seeking something disputing and experient alteration in both mental and physical development. At this clip, as a societal worker, we should give more advices and pay more attending in instance of them go astray.

However, in the instruction plan, we should offer appropriate advice, if we emphasize “ do non imbibe ” to much, it will convey approximately negative effect. For illustration, most adolescents at this age are rebellious and they view imbibing intoxicant as a cryptic escapade and seek it in secret. Therefore, in the instruction plan, those sorts of deadening talks possibly uneffective, I suggest societal workers should utilize several vivid signifiers such as movies or existent experience to exemplify the negative consequence caused by intoxicant.

Communicating & A ; larning workshop

Social workers can join forces with school instructors and staffs to form some activities to assist pupils understand and acknowledge the disadvantages of utmost imbibing. For illustration, ask foring school pupils visit several establishments which help bring around intoxicant maltreaters. After sing, societal workers can promote them hold a treatment or compose a contemplation to depict their ain feelings. By this method, adolescents can grok hazard of utmost imbibing and organize their ain sentiment instead than accomplish sermon passively.

Intervention program:

To the adolescence who is of all time alcohol user or current intoxicant user, the focal point of attack is different from bar program. Intervention program emphasize amending the behaviour and assist them retrieve every bit shortly as possible in both mental and physical wellness.


Those adolescents who are utmost imbibing in Hong Kong are ever associated with similar psychosocial correlativity. Some of them are influenced by equal group, some of them are lack of household support and corsets in an unsupervised state of affairs which lead them seek solace from intoxicant. Merely understanding the grounds and triggers behind, we can happen out sound schemes to assist them. The appraisal should include person ‘s household background and state of affairs, person ‘s drink form and their perceptual experiences about intoxicant. From the appraisal, societal workers can get person ‘s accurate information which facilitates set uping following program.

Family-school attack

From the five psychosocial elements associated with adolescent intoxicant maltreatment in Hong Kong mentioned above, we can happen that Adolescents are easy influenced by their household members and peer schoolmates. From the position of household, societal worker should pass on with the client ‘s parents on a regular basis and happen out the disadvantage of the household operation and parenting form. Then give them advice and inquire the parents to care about their kids more often. From the position of school, societal workers can corporate with instructors and staffs to place the triggers of intoxicant maltreatment like academic emphasis, hapless relationship with schoolmates and so on. And assist them acknowledge the bad state of affairs and effect.

Bettering intervention environment

Tonss of adolescents are less likely to seek professional aid to cut down their alcohol addiction. On the one manus, a portion of them view intoxicant is elementary, on the other manus, they ever feel vulnerable and incapacitated, they are fear to confront their psychological job. Therefore, societal worker should supply a trust and safety environment. At the beginning of the guidance plan, we can state clients we will maintain secretiveness of their basic information and give them more support and encouragement.

Relaxation accomplishment preparation

There must be some ground lead to people particularly adolescents addicted in intoxicant. And depression, anxiousness and emphasis these sorts of emotional reactions are frequently involved with the intoxicant maltreatment. During the intercession program, societal workers can use some relaxation accomplishments to assist adolescent quiet down. Helping them release and cut down emphasis and modify their temper. By the method, we can extinguish their tenseness and assist them remain off alcohol measure by measure.

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Essay and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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